Another year of possibilities

It’s time for a new year!

And as every year, I’ll give you a small preview what will await you. I think…this year’s preview might be the most accurate so far!

But before we get to the preview I have a little voting for you: You can choose the theme for the first remix of this year! Here it is:

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So what are the candidates and what are we dealing with?

1.) Kanto Trainer Battle

The first trainer battle theme in Pokémon history and probably the most popular.

2.) Strawberry Crisis!!

The underrated, catchy theme of Yumemi in Touhou 03: Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream.

3.) Bad Apple!!

The infamous stage theme from Touhou 04: Lotus Land Story.

4.) Hyper Zone

The theme of the fake final boss of Kirby’s Dreamland 3, Dark Matter. It’s a crazy tune that I’d likely mix with Koishi’s theme, Hartmann’s Youkai Girl.

5.) Heart of Fire

The theme of Belmont badass Julius. It’s definitely one of the most catchy post-NES era Castlevania themes and has been requested a lot as well.

The voting ends on January, 15th!

Now the preview includes two special months I have prepared for you, VG Arch Rivals Vol. 2 and another Disciple Month! This time it goes a different direction, as we have run out of elements! Finally, the mix that includes all the elemental disciple songs, Ultimate Elemental Being!

Here’s the related video:

With that said, I’ll take a short break for 1-2 weeks. I’ll await the results of the voting then. See ya!


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