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Pit vs Dark Pit

At last: VG Arch Rivals Vol. 3 is here!

We start everything off with Pit vs Dark Pit. I know some of you requested something like that!

Obviously the song features some Dark Pit, specifically the Dark Pit Flight Theme (Kid Icarus: Uprising) as well as the Title Theme from Kid Icarus and Underworld from the same game to let Pit shine a bit.

I tried to focus on these tunes and match them together in a more or less creative way. It was a little more difficult than expected since Dark Pit’s tune is much slower than the other tunes. And quite different in general…but it’s cool!

As usual you’ll find the video and download below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Pit vs Dark Pit (340 downloads)


Check out the video as well:


So next up is some Mega Man action with…lots of rivals actually!

VG Arch Rival Vol. 3 Announcement

You read it!

And I actually wanted to already post the first song today, but it turned out to be even more difficult than expected. I do have a few minutes down already, but I’m not quite satisfied with it. Might need some re-writing and such…

…what am I talking about you ask? Well, this:

The first song of VG Arch Rivals Vol. 3 (Archrival Month 3) is Pit vs Dark Pit. It’s gonna have some Kid Icarus Title Theme, probably Underworld (I’m working on that part) and of course Dark Pit’s Theme.

So I hope you’re a bit excited! If you want to know what else awaits you this time, keep reading. Otherwise…



*******SPOILER ALERT******



1 – Pit vs Dark Pit
2 – X vs Zero vs ???
3 –¬†Kaguya vs Mokou
4 –¬†Ness vs Porky
5 – Star Fox vs Star Wolf
Extra: ??? vs ???

Cave of Raves

A rave inside a cave? What is this sorcery!?

Caves are basically asking for an exploration. So for this mix I I included the soothing Underground Theme from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island as well as Brinstar Overgrown with Vegetation Area from Super Metroid. Now get in the rave inside the cave~

…I’ll be quiet now..

As usual you’ll find the video and download below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Cave of Raves (517 downloads)


Let’s do this:


Have enough of raves? What about rivals? It’s about time we start with VG Arch Rivals Vol. 3! Not sure if I make an announcement video first or start right away…we’ll see! But expect it soon~