Best of 2014

The year is (almost) over and I want to thank you for all the support you gave me this year through comments, donations and so on. Thank you!

As you might know, this website was made this year and it besides some minor issues it worked fine so far I think, although it isn’t entirely complete yet! If you want to see this site’s annual report, you can do so here.

To celebrate another successful year I present to you a best of album, Best of DJ the S 2014, which you can download for free from bandcamp. It contains many remixes from this year, re-rendered to maximize the sound quality. Some are even slightly enhanced, for example Into the Desert and Septette for a Nightmare. Of course I’m not sure if these “enhancements” made the songs better…Just have a look:

Of course there was a video accompanying this album release, you can look at it here:

And that’s that. Now there’s still some things on this website I want to do the next few days. On Sunday I’ll give you a short preview of what awaits you next year, then I’ll take a little break (too many uploads lately!) and then I’ll hopefully be back with a bang!

And this concludes 2014. I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you will continue to support me in the upcoming years as well!

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