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Sharing some nice tunes and probably ideas for new remixes.

Sounds Alike Vol. 1

Everything went as planned, so today I’m able to present: Sounds Alike Vol. 1!

And this one’s really worth it. Aside from the best quality thing I keep pointing out (which does in fact make little difference to me personally), all of the song have been at least slightly altered, partially thanks to your comments. Let’s look at it in detail:

  • Cheetah’d – one part has been changed to feature a small bit of Reverse? from No Game No Life (which is a reference to the Cornered Theme anyway)
  • Lunatic Stage 2 ~ Invisible Zero Virus – the ending part has been adjusted to feature Reisen’s Theme once more
  • Bad Boss Plateau – changed the part after the pitch change to sound more interesting and added one more line from the DK Rap
  • Natural Beat Robot – adjusted the instrumentation of the Devil Summoner Boss Theme in the second half of the song
  • Meta Battle – replaced the Ridley bridges in the second half of the song (after Omega Ridley and the tempo change) with references to the Galacta Knight Battle Theme
  • Bad Boss Plateau [instrumental] – see Bad Boss Plateau minus the DK Rap

As always, there’s a limited number of free downloads for it. Hard to say how long those will last.

So I’ve been thinking what’s next. I’ve actually been playing around with Vocaloid (English Miku and Gumi, specifically) quite a bit, but I’m not quite there to release a song featuring those anytime soon, so – no need to be upset just yet~

Aside from that, I still have a lot of stuff on my to do list (which is getting longer instead of shorter, oddly enough). I’m kind of in a Metroid mood and wanted to remake my Metroid Medley Soulless Enemies anyway, so I’ll probably settle with that. Unless I come up with something else, you never know!



Unacceptable, an unacceptably late birthday present for my buddy VanishingSVST. Not entirely what he wanted, but he gets it anyway. Bravely Default fans should be satisfied too, for it is a Bravely Default medley, with some Chrono Trigger. I mean, the reference was already there, I just made it a little more obvious.

The medley features the character themes of Agnés (Wind’s Course), Tiz (You Are My Hope), Ringabel (Love’s Vagrant) and Edea (Baby Bird), the Asterisk Boss Battle Theme (This Person’s Name Is) and a certain part from Wicked Flight, aside from the Chrono Trigger Boss tune I included in the Asterisk Battle part.

Lots of piano this time. Gotta love Tiz’ Theme, but I also love that part from Wicked Flight. On the other hand, I had rather not included Agnés Theme, as it kinda ruins the flow in my opinion. It’s so different from the other tunes, but I can’t just leave it out, can I? I hope you can…accept that~

As usual you’ll find the video and download below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Unacceptable (1812 downloads)

And here’s the video:

And that’s that. I think we should slowly prepare ourselves for Disciple Month 3, even though it’s not quite there yet. I’m not entirely sure what’s next, but I think to be able to go with the schedule, there’s only one thing that would make sense.

I also thought about rearranges the song downloads on the site. Having them separated by franchise is a bit tedious, I haven’t updated these sites in ages. I’m still thinking about a legit way to do it, but I want just one page with all the downloads, probably in chronological order and pics that show what franchises are included. I’d need to find some time to actually do that though…

Voting winner and future votings

You voted for:

[yop_poll id=”5″]

Strawberry Crisis!! Yumemi’s theme, the final boss of Touhou 3. I was quite surprised that the Pokémon song didn’t get a lot of votes…

I’ll try to finish the song until next Sunday. After that, we’ll have a Majora’s Mask special with a remix of Deku Palace and maybe some additional references!

After that we’ll start a voting marathon. There’ll be a voting every 2 weeks, so you can vote on the next song while I’m working on the previous winner. And we start today with the voting for the song after the Majora’s Mask 3D special, here you go:

[yop_poll id=”6″]

Another year of possibilities

It’s time for a new year!

And as every year, I’ll give you a small preview what will await you. I think…this year’s preview might be the most accurate so far!

But before we get to the preview I have a little voting for you: You can choose the theme for the first remix of this year! Here it is:

[yop_poll id=”5″]

So what are the candidates and what are we dealing with?

1.) Kanto Trainer Battle

The first trainer battle theme in Pokémon history and probably the most popular.

2.) Strawberry Crisis!!

The underrated, catchy theme of Yumemi in Touhou 03: Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream.

3.) Bad Apple!!

The infamous stage theme from Touhou 04: Lotus Land Story.

4.) Hyper Zone

The theme of the fake final boss of Kirby’s Dreamland 3, Dark Matter. It’s a crazy tune that I’d likely mix with Koishi’s theme, Hartmann’s Youkai Girl.

5.) Heart of Fire

The theme of Belmont badass Julius. It’s definitely one of the most catchy post-NES era Castlevania themes and has been requested a lot as well.

The voting ends on January, 15th!

Now the preview includes two special months I have prepared for you, VG Arch Rivals Vol. 2 and another Disciple Month! This time it goes a different direction, as we have run out of elements! Finally, the mix that includes all the elemental disciple songs, Ultimate Elemental Being!

Here’s the related video:

With that said, I’ll take a short break for 1-2 weeks. I’ll await the results of the voting then. See ya!


Touhoid Prime

Not quite what I announced last week, but…here’s a little something I felt like doing. Maybe some of you remember my crossover song Super Touhoid – Lower Gensokyo? If not, here it is:

So, basically, I wanted to give it a little upgrade. There are still some parts that I might change until the final release, but this should give you a very good idea how Touhoid Prime – Former Hell of Blazing Fires sounds. It doesn’t sound as menacing as Lower Gensokyo, especially the Nuclear Fusion parts sound more like “welcome home”. Naturally, since the former hell of blazing fires IS pretty much Okuu’s place anyway. But it has changed…


This song wasn’t planned for now, after all both songs (Lower Norfair and Nuclear Fusion) were featured in last week’s upload for the fire element. What I actually had in mind since then was actually quite different. I wanted to make a remix of Torri’s theme (Monochromatic Color) from the RPG Conception II. The song has a nice beat to it, but it can’t really be compared to other songs I usually do. Why do I want to make a remix then? Let’s say personal reasons, k? Gotta make it…more interesting~

As of now, I’m not done sequencing the song, but close. Since there isn’t much, I’ll have to arrange it quite a bit and maybe throw in some other stuff as usual. I’ll likely increase the tempo, 124bpm is a bit slow for my standards (the Touhoid Prime song above has 190bpm…). I’m curious how this will turn out in the end! While the game just sounds wrong most of the time (it’s intentionally very suggestive), it has an amazing soundtrack, especially some great battle themes, maybe I’ll give them a shot one day too!

Master of the progress

I wanted to share that I’m making some decent progress with the Master of the Elements. Although I don’t have a sample to show you anything yet (wtf!). Working on it is kinda eh compared to Lord of the Elements, because the whole song just seems so scripted. I don’t think it will be able to live up to your expectations in the end. To be honest I’ll be kinda happy when this is over, this whole month just felt like it wouldn’t give me much freedom. Not that I’m very creative in the first place…but I still felt limited. Nevertheless, it was again a very interesting experience and I’m happy we could do pretty much all of the Summon Spirit Elements and that I could include a lot of tunes you guys suggested even if it played only for a few seconds. I still have two elemental specials planned, although they won’t be directly connected to Disciple Month 2. One will focus on the Four Lords of the Elements in Final Fantasy IV, the other will try to include all elements and be called “Ulitmate Elemental Being”. I wonder how that will turn out…

Lord of the Elements had this amazing song from Xenoblade mixed in, that’s almost impossible to top. Now what I did for Master of the Elements is…I used two other songs which should be worth a big finale.

The first is kinda similar in epicness compared to “You Will Know Our Names”, sadly only the beginning seemed to fit. I wonder if I should make a remix of just that song one day:

The second will be really unexpected for you, but I guarantee you that it adds quite some awesome to the song (especially the part around 0:22):

Now the song is like I said pretty scripted. Naturally it has its own take on Fighting of the Spirit but also includes the Fighting of the Spirit parts of the 4 elements of this month. This time it was quite a bit harder to make them somewhat fit together honestly. Like last time, I also integrated one other part of each element. In case you’d like to know and not be surprised which parts I chose, see below. I chose the ones that seemed to fit best and didn’t disrupt the song flow too much, rather than choosing favorites. It should feel like there are multiple things in it, but it all belongs together (somehow). Are you hyped for Master of the Elements already? I sure hope so!


*SPOILERS* Elemental parts *SPOILERS*
– Earth: Stone Tower Temple
– Water: Crush Crawfish Stage
– Lightning: Flying Battery Zone
– Light: Brahman/Oath to Order