Monster King

Today we’re paying tribute to the king of monsters, Godzilla. But what’s that…! A challenger appeared! Now let us find out who’s most worthy of the title Monster King!

To sum it up, this song is a fast, rocky remix of the Godzilla Main Theme and Dark Bowser from Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story.

The song was actually made one or two (or more?) years ago, but I never really uploaded it, because…because. I tried to turn this one into a more or less electro-rock arrangement and used my magic to include the Bowser tune as well. The only thing left to do was fixing some parts of the song and finalizing it. You’ll still notice that it’s a bit older though…

As usual you’ll find the video and download below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Monster King (1166 downloads)


Aaaaaaaaaand here’s the video:


So, digging up old stuff instead of making new songs, eh? Well, you know, Fire Emblem Fates just came out here…

Also some of you might have noticed already, FictionalCanvas (formerly known as VanishingSVST) made a new icon:


And it looks super cool. It replaces/will replace the old one showing Joe in his Touhou-reference outfit playing on his keyboard. Because I don’t do that. Usually. Instead, Joe now has those fancy gauntlets. And the hair now forms a musical note. Like a pro~

In case you’re still reading, Imma tell you what I’m currently working on (when not working or playing FE Fates): Quite a few remakes of really cool, but rather old songs, like Song of Gods and Echoes from the Past. Also, a Hyperdimension Neptunia Battle Medley kind of thing and a Persona Q remix. Certainly stuff to look forward to, I’d say!

Special Promotion

Thanks to your constant support, I received a little bandcamp upgrade. To celebrate, ALL of my stuff on bandcamp will be available for free for a limited amount of time! Well, downloads. 1,000 to be exact, so let’s see how long that lasts.

So what are you waiting for? Check out my album projects here or visit my bandcamp page directly. “Any suggestions”, you ask? Of course, here are some really good ones:

*includes hidden bonus Track Shooting Star Punch (Donkey Kong vs Little Mac)

Happy listening!

Clad In Shadow – Shadow Swallow

Today I present to you: the second song of Clad in Shadow!

In this project, tunes get a ‘Shadow‘ version by mixing them with a Persona Battle Theme (originally I just wanted the tune from Persona 2, but comments suggested I should use more than that to keep it fresh, so here we go~). They will usually have a darker feeling to them as well. Exceptions prove the rule though.

This time we roll with Kirby and Gourmet Race. Some of you might recall Shadow Swallow which I originally made for the Super Mario: Vanishing Existence series, so this is somewhat of a remake. Quite a bit more than Shadow Owen was. Shadow Swallow features some more and some less recognizable parts of the Persona 2 Battle Theme. I think it sounds more quirky than Shadow Owen, but still has a dark, unsettling feeling to it…and a cool beat, no?

I also used this distorted-sounding voice/sound effect. Do you recognize it? It’s actually Mike Kirby’s third attack! You know, Mike Kirby aka the God of Destruction~

As usual you’ll find the video and download below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Clad in Shadow - Shadow Swallow (1311 downloads)


And here’s the video, notice Shadow Kirby’s red glowing eyes in the beginning:


As for the next upload, I have one or two mixes prepared, let’s see what it will be. At least one of them should definitely surprise you, I’ve been holding it back for about a year despite it being practically finished, because uh…you’ll see eventually.

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