Update regarding bandcamp

As you know, there’s quite a bit of stuff on my bandcamp page now. As you might also know, there’s only 200 free downloads per month. And, as you might have noticed: they’re usually gone in a few days. So we’re gonna change that up a bit.

Starting today, there will be about 2 bandcamp objects available for free, so the free downloads won’t go away that fast. We’re starting with the oldest stuff, I think most of you don’t even have that yet: Wrath of the Underlings Vol.1&2. Those are the biggest album projects on my bandcamp page, with 15+ tracks each. They are based mainly on regular battle themes and (non-final) boss battle themes, for example: VS Sylux (‘Shock Coil’), Final Fantasy IV Battle 2 (‘Boss Rush’), Lord Woo Fak Fak (‘Lord Woo Fak Bounce’), Rigid Paradise (‘Egyptian Zombie’), Popple Battle (‘Return of the Brilliant Thief’) and the G/S/C Gym Leader tune (‘Taking the Lead’).

So? What are you waiting for:

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