VG Arch Rivals Vol. 3

Everything went exactly as planned, so I was able to release VG Arch Rivals Vol. 3 today, as announced:

What the preview doesn’t show you, are the hidden bonus songs

  • no voice versions of Pit vs Dark Pit and Star Fox vs Star Wolf
  • Porky’s Solo
  • Faces of Evil (CD-i Link vs CD-i Ganon)

which you can’t (shouldn’t be able to) get any other way. All of the songs have been re-rendered in max quality as usual, because you only deserve the best. Except for Ness vs Porky (additional drums), there haven’t been any noteworthy changes to the songs this time.

As for the download, I bought you guys 1,000 free downloads, after that I’ll leave it at 1€ like all the other albums. The 200 free downloads I get every month are simply not enough, you see! In general I decided that I’ll leave single songs like Ultimate Elemental Being available for free and the rest is gonna be the minimum price, that seems to work nicely.

So, be fast and get that album while it’s still free! Experience shows that even 1,000 free downloads are gone rather quickly. Move!

Here’s the release video:


Next up is the next special…yes, you know what time it is: time for this year’s Halloween Mix! This year we have Night of the Skeleton, and let me spoil that much: it will have Bonetrousle.

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