Halloween Mayhem 2014

Happy Halloween everybody!

To get you in the mood, I have something special this year. As an addition to this year’s Halloween mix I created a Halloween Megamix, combining all previous Halloween mixes into one! I called the result Halloween Mayhem 2014, since there might be more of these in the upcoming years! I don’t know why, but Halloween just seems to inspire me XD

Remember: you’ll find all of the used songs on the Halloween mixes page, alternatively I collected all Halloween videos in this YouTube playlist!

As usual you’ll find the video and download below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Halloween Mayhem 2014 (712 downloads)

And here’s the video:

Crazy, isn’t it? That’s why I called it Halloween Mayhem!

Next up we likely have another OST focus, but don’t expect anything else this week! On an unrelated note, I have my final exam next week. Wish me luck~

Happy Halloween!

Night of the Werewolf and Fan Art

It’s finally time for this year’s Halloween mix! Not only werewolves gather under the mysterious light of the full moon. Thus, this year’s Halloween mix unites (were)wolves, a Dullahan and ghosts in a mysterious enchanted forest! I also have some fan art by superpatomago to show you, you’ll find it at the bottom of this post!

As the song name suggests, we have some werewolf tunes, namely Kagerou’s Theme, Lonesome Werewolf, from Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character and Renon’s Theme from Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness. Some explanation for the latter is necessary I feel, because Renon is actually the Demon Salesman who also appeared in the semi-pre-sequel-whatever Castlevania 64. However…that tune was used as part of Cornell’s theme in Castlevania: Judgement, so there you go! Oh, and Cornell is the protagonist of Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness…a werewolf!

Now that I made that clear, we also have some other stuff included in this song. There are ghosts (Paranormal Chaos, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon), a Dullahan (Dullahan Under the Willows, Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character) as a reference to last year, a forest (Enchanted Forest, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest) and a wolf that isn’t actually a werewolf at all, but a galactic mercenary instead (Star Wolf, Star Fox 64).

As usual you’ll find the video and download below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Night of the Werewolf (682 downloads)

And here’s the video:

And that was this year’s Halloween mix! Did you notice those sound effects? The ghost sounds from DKC2 and that howling? Spooky~

So what’s up next? If I can manage to make it…there will be another song for Halloween. And that means the 31st. Other than that, I’ll think of a nice song without Touhou to have a little more variety. After that I’ll it’s time for the winner of the Touhou poll, Kanako’s Theme, Suwa Foughten Field.

As for the next OST focus, we’ll switch to another series called Luigi’s Terrific Quest (LTQ). When? I can’t tell yet~

And last, but not least, we have some Joe Ximer fan art by superpatomago:

Joe Ximer fan art/homage by superpatomago

This was really surprising, especially since many of you didn’t appreciate Joe Ximer’s themes…and I still don’t know why! Anyway, thank you so much for the homage, superpatomago!

OST Focus – Battle! Joe Ximer

Today on OST focus we have something awesome: the Encounter, Battle and the Danger (last Pokémon) theme of my avatar, Joe Ximer, as he appears in the animated series created by VanishingSVST, The Masters of Pokémon. Have you tried reading Joe’s last name backwards?

Like the important trainers of this series, Joe has an Encounter theme, a Battle theme (both made with primarily Pokémon B2/W2 instruments) and a Danger theme for his last Pokémon, his trusted Pinsir “Prince”. And the Danger theme starts with the cry of that signature Pokémon.

That Pinsir is actually quite nostalgic. Since back in the days of Pokémon Red and Blue I had a Pinsir I called Prince. Admittedly, it wasn’t very competitive back then, but I’m very happy that it got a much better moveset (and even a Mega Evolution!) in recent versions. All the other Pokémon of Joe’s team have a nickname related to music. I even built a team based on that in Pokémon X, it consists of

  • Prince (Pinsir)
  • Volume (Exploud)
  • Beat (Toxicroak)
  • Rhythm (Ludicolo)
  • Bass (Mawile)
  • Noise (Noivern)

Although I put a lot of effort into that team, it’s not very competitive~ (much like Joe himself…)

Joe’s design was heavily inspired by Shikieiki and Okuu from the Touhou series.  In a similar fashion, his themes were inspired by Shikieiki’s theme Fate of 60 Years (Touhou 9: Phantasmagoria of Flower View), Miko’s theme True Administrator (Touhou 13: Ten Desires) and most importantly Miror B.’s theme (Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness).

Encounter! Joe Ximer only has Miror B.’s theme and a cool beat. You’ll instantly know, Joe is in da house:

Battle! Joe Ximer already includes all of the aforementioned tunes and sounds like Joe’s ready to rock:

Danger! Joe Ximer is a full-scale remix of his Battle theme. It focuses more on True Administrator than the Battle theme and Fate of Sixty Years is included more subtly. As a present, I’ll even add an exclusive download this time:

Danger! Joe Ximer (224 downloads)

The video features the Pokémon battle from episode 5 along with some awesome artwork. Did Joe win the battle? You’ll need to find out by watching the full battle (and while you’re there, the whole episode) I’m afraid X3

As usual, if you like it, I’d advise you to check out the OST page for more. Did you know that I’m actually responsible for what Joe says in the series? Just so he behaves like he should. Except for the battles, though; I only give some ideas there X3

Next time on OST focus, I’ll show you….I can’t tell yet! I’ve already started working on the next song though, you know, this year’s Halloween mix! It might include some familiar and some not so familiar tunes. And while I call it Night of the Werewolf (which is a reference to last year’s Halloween mix Night of the Dullahan), there actually won’t be that much (were)wolf-related tunes…