Here I want to address some of the more frequent questions I get in YouTube comments/messages or in other ways.

Q: Do you you take requests?
A: No, but you can leave your suggestions anyway. You should know that I look at all of your suggestions and sometimes draw some inspiration from them. And making me listen to a cool song is always a win for me. If you DO want to suggest something, it would be nice if you could add a link to the song. Unless you’re suggesting some sort of crossover (such ideas are always welcome too).

Q: Can you upload your music to Spotify/iTunes/Newgrounds/etc?
A: There are several reasons I don’t do that. One is, that this would be a lot more work for me. Another reason is that I wanted to have one place where I keep all of my music, and that is this website’s main purpose. I know streaming is all the hype these days, but I never really got into that. Speaking of which, did you know that you can stream the songs from the albums on my bandcamp page?

Q: Can I use your music in one of my videos/games/etc?
A: If you’re asking about my remixes, that’s actually a rather tricky question. The thing with remixes is, that I obviously don’t own all the rights to the songs, so I can’t just allow you to use them everywhere (the same should apply to any unauthorized remix you find somewhere), even if it’s okay on my side. Basically, you can use them like you would use any copyrighted video game song.
If you’re asking about my original songs however, the short answer is: yes!

Q: What are you using to make your songs?
A: I’m using FL Studio with a bunch of plug-ins to make all of my songs. As for plug-ins, I mainly use iZotope’s Ozone for mastering purposes. For the sounds I’m using the ReFX Nexus and the free Synth1 VST and lots of FL plug-ins like Toxic Biohazard.

Q: Do you have Discord?
A: There’s actually a Discord fan server! You can find the invite link in the About or Contact page.

Q: How long does it take you to make a song?
A: You know that I have my regular schedule and I usually keep up with that. However, it’s very hard to say how long it takes to make a song. Usually it takes a few days, but I sometimes work much longer on a song while working on other songs in the meantime. From what I’ve learned, the time it takes to make a song is certainly not something that makes a song better or worse. Sometimes the “quick shots” turn out to be really great while I sometimes work on a mediocre mix for weeks.

That’s all for now, folks. I’ll add more entries as soon as more questions come up frequently.

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