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Joe Ximer (OSTs) - June 18, 2014

Here you’ll find all of my music that was made for animations, games, etc. I’m sure you’ll like at least some of these songs. You can also watch videos of series for which I have contributed stuff here.

You can directly play a song in the integrated player and watch a video of the animation/game/whatever the song appeared in (if it has appeared yet, there may be quite some beta stuff floating around). These songs are (in general) not downloadable for exclusiveness reasons.


Super Mario: Vanishing Existence



This animated series stars Super Mario, the Touhou girls and many more in a fight against the end of all universes. This ultimate crossover brings characters of various franchises together in an attempt to save the Super Deity Existence and stop the evil intentions of her counterpart, the Super Deity Nonexistence, who started to erase everything in existence for unknown reasons.

Released videos and songs

Nonexistence Battle 1 – The battle theme for the first appearance of SMVE’s main antagonist. It’s supposed to sound distorted and a bit unsettling, the heroes have no idea yet what madness they are fighting against. It also sets the standard for other villains related to the main antagonist, as part of this theme will be integrated in all of their songs one way or another. If you watch episode 1, you can hear the song at about 23:50.

True Shadow – The theme of Nonexistence’s underling number one: Shadow Entity. Created of a part of himself and the DNA of Mario, this guy looks like a Shadow version of our hero. But…there’s a LOT more to him as you will see in future episodes. Of all the villains in the series, he’s the closest to the main antagonist and thus he is the only one to share multiple parts of the Nonexistence Battle 1 theme, mixed for a distorted, unsettling and powerful shape-shifting villain. If you watch episode 1, you can hear this song at about 27:38.

Episode 1:

Nonexistence Battle 2 – The main antagonist shows his true face. Well, not entirely, but he recovered enough power to be able to keep up with more than a dozen of Touhou girls at once…and that’s a BIG something I tell ya. You never played Touhou? Then you have no idea…The song is a lot darker and more epic and fast-paced than battle 1, it shows that Nonexistence is not playing around anymore. If you watch episode 2, the song actually plays pretty much at the end of that astonishing battle at about 31:50, when the girls have to escape THROUGH HIS BODY, WHILE fighting off their shadow selves. Geez, what an episode, don’t miss that!

Episode 2:

Shadow Dial – The theme of Shadow Sakuya, the first real Shadow created by Shadow Entity. This shadow might be a bit different from the others that are yet to appear, but who knows…The song is a mix of darkness and distorted elegance with part of Nonexistence’s theme. If you watch episode 3, it can be heard at about 13:25.

Episode 3:

Xeno Ridley – The theme of Xeno Ridley, an altered Ridley created by GLaDOS. The song has a rather mechanical, techno-y sound. A worthy theme for a worthy opponent. If you watch episode 4, it can be heard at about 8:00.

Episode 4:

Super Mario: Vanishing Existence Beta Stuff

Here are some songs that might be included in some future videos of the series…or not. Note that since these songs haven’t appeared yet, see them as beta versions that might still get (more or less drastically) changed.

Daughter of the Flames – The theme for Magma Cirno, the complete opposite of the ice fairy in every way. She was created through Cirno’s contact with Nonexistence in the epic battle of episode 2, but on which side is she? The song is a rather hot take on Cirno’s theme, arranged in a way that makes it sound like a lava world theme, accompanied by the usual instrumentation of such places with a marching drum, horns and flutes.

Shadow Slick – The theme of Shadow Doopliss. This Shadow can transform his tongue into lots of stuff, you better be prepared for everything. He won’t fool around like the original! …I think.

Shadow Shinobi – The theme of the Shadow Ninjas. I just think you’ll have to see for yourself. The song was meant to sound a bit Japanese using special percussion and instrumentation.

Shadow Shinobi 2 – A more bad-ass and epic take on Shadow Shinobi, with a lot more power, showing this is getting serious.

Shadow Miko – The first theme of Shadow Reimu. It’s somewhat catchy, but shows a very dark, intimidating and powerful Shadow. It’s actually pretty old, but Lane likes it, so…

Shadow Miko 2 – The second theme of Shadow Reimu, for a more intense phase.

Shadow Witch – The theme of Shadow Marisa. You don’t want Marisa against you, so this Shadow is like your worst nightmare…for now.

Shadow Dedede – The theme of Shadow King Dedede. We’ve seen him getting corrupted by Dark Matter a few times already, but this is a completely new experience.

Shadow Swallow – The theme of Shadow Kirby. Don’t underestimate him because he sucks~ (lame pun intended). He’s definitely a dangerous foe, not only copying, but STEALING the heroes’ abilities.

Shadow Owen – The theme of Shadow Flandre. Compared to her everything else was a piece of cake. When this shadow appears, it’s time to get the hell outta here and the music underlines that with a shocking intro inspired by “With Eyes Blazing” (Etrian Odyssey IV).

Nonexistence Final Battle – Let the ultimate epicness unfold! You may have seen that coming, but until you hear that song in the series…a lot of time may pass~

The Masters of Pokémon

TMoP logo_fixed


This animated series is about much more than the title suggests. The story plays during the events of SMVE in a world, which feels rather bizarre compared to your ordinary Pokémon world. Something big is going on behind the curtains. In this strange, yet familiar world exist the so-called “Gifted”, people with incredible abilities, unusual Pokémon, mysterious organizations…and a young girl fighting for the fate of her universe.

Released videos and songs

Episode 1:

Encounter: Divine Entity – The protagonist meets the mysterious Lane Quaza, who convinced her to go on her journey in an attempt to change the universe’s fate (without her knowledge). In episode 2, it can be heard at around 2:45.

Battle: Divine Entity – The mysterious Lane Quaza is being challenged by the protagonist to a Pokémon battle in an attempt to test her strength. In episode 2, you can hear it at about 5:50.

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Encounter: Creacia – Creacia is quite an artsy girl who loves to create stuff. She can’t talk by herself and must reside to a voice implant that makes her sound like a robot. She might have good intentions but could it possibly be that her heart pushed her on the wrong side? Her encounter theme can first be heard in episode 5, when she was scolding some Magma grunts at about 13:55.

Encounter: Joe Ximer – It’s time to drop the beat, Joe Ximer makes a scene! His team is music-based and so is he. He’s neither friend nor foe, he likes to be the rival, although it’s hard to take him serious. He’s usually making comical appearances. He might play a somewhat important role in the future though. Maybe…maybe…this tune can be first heard in episode 5 at about 15:15.

Battle: Joe Ximer – Joe is itching for a battle! He’s using his music-based team with melodic names such as Volume and Beat. He’s not a real challenge, even for beginners…he says he only loses to people who are important to the plot though. And that might be true, at least for what’s shown in the series…it can be first heard in episode 5 at about 16:00.

Danger: Joe Ximer – Joe is down to his last Pokémon, his trusted partner “Prince”, a Pinsir. They understand each other blindly and have been partners ever since Joe is a trainer. In fact, that Pinsir is the reason he became a trainer in the first place. This tune can be first heard in episode 5 at about 18:30.

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

The Masters of Pokémon Beta Stuff

Here are some songs that might be included in some future videos of the series…or not. Note that since these songs haven’t appeared yet, see them as beta versions that might still get (more or less drastically) changed.

Battle: Creacia – The tune playing during the battle with Creacia. It is somewhat electronic, underlining her robotic features.

Danger: Creacia – She’s down to her last Pokémon, which isn’t a pushover though. It’s nothing less than a Registeel.

Encounter: Nocturne – Nocturne is a high-grade Team Plasma member. She means business.

Battle: Nocturne – Battling Nocturne is no fun. Well, maybe the music is fun to listen to~

Danger: Nocturne – Nocturne is down to her last Pokémon, it’s…good lord, it’s Darkrai!

Luigi’s Terrific Quest

LTQ logo_fixed


This animated series stars Luigi, as he gets himself into trouble in a new land and finds new friends in Paper Mario fashion. Follow Luigi and his friends in this terrific adventure!

Released videos and songs

Luigi’s Terrific Quest – The Main Theme of the series and the intro song.

Episode 1:

Luigi’s Terrific Quest Beta Stuff

Here are some songs that might be included in some future videos of the series…or not. Note that since these songs haven’t appeared yet, see them as beta versions that might still get (more or less drastically) changed.

Main Theme – The new and improved Main Theme sounds more easy-going, simple and upbeat and also a bit faster. Will be featured in some laid-back traveling sequences and possibly a new intro.

A Somewhat Mentionable Enemy Emerges – The Mini Boss theme. It was inspired by Super Paper Mario’s A Powerful Enemy Emerges.

A Formidable Foe Emerges – This remix of A Somewhat Mentionable Enemy Emerges (I remixed my own song, yay!) serves as a general boss theme and may appear in other series as well. It’s faster, darker and quite a bit more serious than that quirky miniboss tune.

Vs. Bowser Jr. – The battle theme of Bowser Jr. His theme is a quirky, yet rocky tune. He might make an appearance in other series as well…you better watch your NYARGLEBARGLE!

Fragmented Memories

+Fragmented Memories 2 logo


This Walfas-style animated series takes place after the events of Super Mario: Vanishing Existence. It stars a guy called IZ (or Izzy), a being created by Existence out of pure matter. He participates in the lifes of the Touhou girls and many other characters, gets into trouble, finds friends and gets himself into all sorts of situations. But in the background of this seemingly carefree setting, something strange is going on…

Released videos and songs

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

With Evil Intentions – The theme of the series’ main antagonist, Geniece. She’s basically a psychopath whose goal it is to rid the world of all the do-gooders. By doing that, she gets stronger by absorbing her victims’ powers. Her motives remain unknown for now. The tune can be heard in episode 4 at about 13:00 for the first time.

Episode 4:

Episode 5:


Beta Stuff

Here are some songs that might be included in some series in the future…or not. Note that since these songs haven’t appeared yet, see them as beta versions that might still get (more or less drastically) changed.

The Brave Ones – Some sort of intro theme. Primarily based on the Opening Theme Kaze No Ne from Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. It was a bit difficult to make, I guess it’s not fast enough for my typical style~

March On – A quirky battle theme. It mainly draws inspiration from the 2 regular battle themes from Keroro RPG, but I also managed to throw in a reference to The Brave Ones.

That Day is Today – A more epic battle theme, which every good RPG needs. It is a badass arrangement of The Brave Ones, I really gave it my all to make that originally peaceful song sound as epic as possible.

Special Battle – A battle theme for special occasions. A Pokémon-like intro meets Vile’s Theme from Mega Man X8. And don’t forget the obligatory Reference to The Brave Ones. More catchy than That Day is Today, but more badass than March On.


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