Best of 2018

Another year is coming to its end and you know what that means: time for this year’s Best of album.

2018 was the year of remakes, there were so many. I doubt 2019 will be any different though, there’s still quite a few songs that need to get to the next level already.

As usual the album features all songs of 2018 which aren’t already on another album (like the VG Arch Rivals songs or any Shadow songs). The songs have been re-rendered for maximum quality and are available on bandcamp in different formats.

Again, some of the songs got a little makeover for the Best of release – but there’s something special this year. There were some songs from last year that got some improvements (in my opinion) as well. I didn’t even upload these alternative versions before, so they are only available through the Best of album!

Sounds like downloading the album will be worth it, right? Here’s where you can get the album, it will be available for free for a limited amount of time (just type 0,00 when asked for the price):

And of course, here’s the video. I tried to showcase the changes specifically, although it wasn’t always possible to do that in a short preview:

And that’s it for 2018. I’m not sure what 2019 will bring, it feels like YouTube is about to wipe a lot of channels to get rid of any and all copyright problems. I feel my channel could be affected as well, so I’m thinking of some alternatives in the meantime, should YouTube really go that way. Kinda saddening, seeing as 2019 would be our 10th anniversary.

Either way, I’ll hope for the best and continue doing what I’m doing and wish you all a Happy New Year!

Broken Champ

It’s time for this year’s grand finale. I believe you’ve been waiting for it: here’s Broken Champ!

Like Sonic Boom and Expand Nice, it’s a crazy mix featuring lots of unrelated tunes. Everything goes and you’ll notice one or the other unusual pick alongside familiar tunes. Before I list the songs, maybe you’ll want to listen to it first:

Broken Champ (100 downloads)

Let me list the included tunes now:

  • Balrog StageStreet Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Concrete JungleMega Man 9
  • Bad Boss BoogieDonkey Kong Land
  • Bad AppleTouhou 4: Lotus Land Story
  • Masked DededeKirby Super Star Ultra
  • Spider DanceUndertale
  • Mad Mew MewUndertale (Nintendo Switch)
  • Battle! Team Rainbow Rocket Grunt Pokémon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon
  • Black Homestuck

Now I hope I was able to surprise you with one or the other choice! In any case, here’s the video as usual:

And that almost wraps up this year. Of course, tomorrow is the day of this year’s Best of album as usual, featuring some updated versions of this year’s songs. So I won’t be gone for long – see you soon!

Jingle Caverns

It’s about time for 2018’s X-Mas Mix! I wonder how much you can already gather from the song name? As the title of this post suggests, it’s Jingle Caverns! Not one of my most creative song names, I know~

So one of the songs included is Darkmoon Caverns from Diddy Kong Racing. A pretty cool track which fits quite well for an X-Mas Mix, although it’s not even one of the actual snow/ice level tunes of the game! This year I thought I’d also add a little bit (by which I mean a lot) of my favorite Christmas song, Jingle Bells, as well – which makes it a true X-Mas Mix in my book. I always wanted to include that somewhere. So without further delay, let’s have a listen:

Jingle Caverns (49 downloads)

Can’t forget the video, right:

It’s more on the short side, but it’s really more of a Christmas-y mix than usual, right? Either way, I still have lots of stuff to prepare. The end of the year is fast approaching and we still have to get the year’s final mix out there as well as the Best of album. If all goes according to plan, you’ll hear from me again next Sunday. Till then…

Merry Christmas everyone!

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