Hyper Drive Divinity

It’s unusual time for an upload, but everything’s unusual lately, that’s just how things are gonna be in late 2018 I guess! Today I present something I’ve been reworking over the last few months. Now, that sounds like a lot – but I didn’t do all that much during that timespan, so don’t expect too much!

I kinda wanted to fix Hard Drive Divinity from 2015, since there were a few things that bothered me. I wasn’t sure if it really deserved its own upload though, given the very few changes. I did work on it some more yesterday, after I came up with a download plan, and I think now it deserves its spot as an intermediate upload. So let’s take a look at Hyper Drive Divinity!

The two most prominent changes include the replacing of the rolling up and down weird synth by a weird synth YEAH. That’s how it’s called, definitely.  The other is me admitting that the original song, especially some specific parts like the ending, actually don’t come from Solid Park from the game Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2, but instead from Goddess Awakening Feat Solid Park from Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation. Also there’s now an intro, that’s new too.

The song is more similar to the Best Of DJ the S 2015 version than the YouTube version, which didn’t have the specific ending. So let’s see what it sounds like:

Hyper Drive Divinity (13 downloads)

Can’t forget the video of course:

So that’s that. If all goes as planned, I’ll have another song ready TOMORROW.  So I’ll hopefully see you then!

Metal Bladeyard Level 4

I know my schedule is all messed up lately, but it’s a pretty busy time – probably for you too~

So today I present a song that I wanted to make for a while. Long-time fans might remember a remix of Metalman’s Stage (Mega Man 2) I made in 2011, called Metal Bladeyard Level 3. As the name might suggest, this was already the 3rd version of that song. And as much as I liked the song, it sounds really outdated to me. So I tried to take the song to the next level. The result: Metal Bladeyard Level 4!

So here’s what I did: I changed the mixing and mastering completely, adjusted it to the way I handle songs for a while now. I also revisited some of the instruments (although none of the lead instruments). I also meddled with the drums and added some effects – and now it definitely sounds up-to-date.

What I didn’t do is add some fancy new part or anything, it’s still mostly the same. The new sound should speak for itself though. I feel that I succeeded in taking it to the next level, even if it might not be perfect, but to be fair: none of my songs is perfect to begin with~

So let’s take a listen:

Metal Bladeyard Level 4 (67 downloads)


Although there isn’t all that much to see in the video, this post wouldn’t be complete without it:


Now don’t bother looking for the older versions of this song – they are not available on YouTube anymore for a reason~

Time flies and the year is starting to take its final turns. I better start working on this year’s X-Mas Mix and a  worthy finale for this year…

What is a Man 2018 [Masters Edit]

Sakurai & Co. decided that Ken is going to be an Echo fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – well after I removed him from the updated version of What is a Man. So I had to fix that again. So here you go: What is a Man 2018 [Masters Edit], a version with Ryu and Ken and some other smaller changes. Again there’s a normal and a voiceless version.

What is a Man 2018 [Masters Edit] (119 downloads)

What is a Man 2018 [Voiceless Masters Edit] (162 downloads)


Here’s the video:


I tried at one point to include themes of other manly characters like Ike and Snake, but that proved to be too difficult for me – I guess the song is already crazy enough as it is. The Masters Edit is the definitive version. Definitely. For now.

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