True Disciple of the Wind

The Disciples are back – prepare yourselves for updated versions of a bunch of Disciple Month songs in the coming weeks for this year’s special project – NEO Lord of the Elements!

We start with True Disciple of the Wind, which is technically the 4th (!) version of this song. Disciple of the Storm, which is a remake of the original version (which was not part of the Lord of the Elements album) released not too long ago, but I hope I changed and added enough things to keep things interesting. Here you go:

True Disciple of the Wind (52 downloads)

There are so many themes in this one, I feel a list is in order. Here are the tunes that I included:

  • Fighting of the Spirit
  • Molgera
  • Faith is for the Transient People
  • Wind God Girl
  • Kaze no Ne
  • Song of Storms
  • Tornado Man
  • Storm Eagle
  • High Above the Land (The Flying Machine)

As usual there’s a video as well, and this time you can (to some degree) tell by the characters shown what theme is currently referenced:

Off to a great start, yes? But there’s a lot more to go. See you in 2 weeks with another one, hopefully!

Brinstar Alchemy 2022

Time for another Metroid remake: today I got a wild one for you, a remake of a somewhat experimental mix from 2014. I present: Brinstar Alchemy 2022!

The song features Super Metroid‘s Brinstar Vegetation Area Theme (or however you’d like to call it) and the Main Theme from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. So essentially two of my favorite Metroid themes.

I didn’t change the song much, I mostly updated the sound and added some additional effects, so everything would flow better and (hopefully) sound better. If you’d like to hear if I succeeded, here it is:

Brinstar Alchemy 2022 (38 downloads)

As usual, there’s a video on YouTube to go along with this post – that’s also the best place to leave a comment if you like to:

Brace for more remakes in the near future, something is coming…and I think you’ll like it.

Divine Intervention

It’s time for another song, and it’s yet another The Legend of Zelda and Shin Megami Tensei crossover, which I named Divine Intervention!

This time I mixed Oath to Order from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask with the final boss theme Divine Identity from Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2. Surprise: no Stone Tower Temple this time. Check it out:

Divine Intervention (50 downloads)

There’s a video too, and it has one of the giants from Majora’s Mask – I always felt they had an weird, yet interesting design:

If you feel parts of the song sound familiar, you’re probably right: This is basically a full song version (with a bunch of changes) of Battle: Divine Entity, which you can still find on the OST page.

I originally wanted to present a remake of a Metroid remix today, but still need more time to finish it. I hope it’ll come out alright! If nothing big comes up, expect the next song in two weeks as usual 😉

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