Welcome to my website

Hello there!

I’m DJ the S and I’d like to welcome you to my website. I made this site as a 10k subscribers (on YouTube) milestone to be able to better inform you of ideas, plans and projects, which isn’t easy on YouTube nowadays. You can also share your ideas and suggestions here and say whatever you think should be said.

The site also works as an archive for my songs. You can find, listen to and download them on the Music page. I’m hoping that this site will grow and evolve as time progresses, especially in terms of design and functionality.

So, expect posts that inform you of new songs on YouTube, bandcamp, whatever and also expect news and ideas, what I’m up to at the moment (including works in progress) and some awesome stuff (music, art, games, animations) that I’d like to share.

Video game remixes, medleys and crossovers