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A Formidable Foe Emerges

Well, hello there! The Fire Emblem mix I was talking about last week is coming together slowly, certainly needs some more time. But I can’t just leave you hanging there for so long, so I got something for you today.

The title might sound familiar to those who checked out the OST page before. And that’s not a coincidence: A Formidable Foe Emerges is the full version of the song with the same title on the OST page. I basically turned it into a full song, with some new parts and an ending.

The song itself is an original one, although it was inspired by A Powerful Enemy Emerges from Super Paper Mario (hence the similar title). As you can grasp from the OST page, it was originally created for an animated series starring Luigi, so that might explain things.

A Formidable Foe Emerges (55 downloads)

For the video, I decided to change things up a bit and add my mascot characters Joe and Melody. The artwork was done by my friend FictionalCanvas. I think this is actually the first time Melody appeared anywhere officially – about time I’d say!

I keep bugging him to make some more drawings of Melody for me, but he’s not cooperating~

I’d love seeing some fan art of her as well, but I guess I should show off a full picture of Melody for reference first, huh? Ah well, all in due time – I guess I shouldn’t get too excited just now~

I’ll keep working on the Fire Emblem mix I announced until the next time. I have several ideas for that, but they’re kinda clashing at the moment and everything’s weird, so I have to sort that out first. Wish me luck~

Not Dead

I’ve been wanting to post this two weeks ago already, but it’s kind of difficult to do that if you can do other things instead, right? Right?!

I know I haven’t posted anything for a while and I just wanted to say I’m not dead. I blame Nintendo. Fire Emblem: Three Houses has kept me going for weeks now – no end in sight. Regardless, I do want to make another mix for you – naturally it’s going to be a Fire Emblem song.

I wanted to make one from this very game if possible, however I noticed that songs of this game get removed quickly…so that might be a bit tricky. Hmmm. But ok, we’ll just have to see about that!

And that’s all on that matter. Nothing (else) to report!

Wolfen Mercenaries [Surprise Edit]

I noticed from the comments you guys left on the last video, that some of you were disappointed that the remake of Wolfen Mercenaries didn’t feature Surprise Attack from Star Fox 2. Well, today I’m making up for that.

The Surprise Edit of Wolfen Mercenaries 2019 adds Surprise Attack to the mix. Quite prominently, actually. There’s also no Corneria in this version, so it’s a pure Star Wolf remix. Well then, let’s hear it:

Wolfen Mercenaries [Surprise Edit] (118 downloads)

And again, it’s not complete without a video:

Well, I sure hope that makes up for this oversight. I was a bit surprised actually – I knew about Star Fox 2 and that Star Wolf appeared there, but wasn’t aware that the game has been released for real with the SNES mini. Didn’t recall what its Star Wolf Theme sounded like either, I kind of assumed it was the same as the Star Wolf theme we’re used to by now – well, turns out it’s clearly not!

But I still like the other version of Wolfen Mercenaries. Since it’s a remake of an older song, I focused on keping the original vibe and taking it to the next level. With that out of the way, I felt I had much more freedom to adjust the song for Surprise Attack in its own version.