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Halloween Poll 2018

Starting off with an apology, I’ve been sick the last week and wasn’t motivated at all to work on any projects. Even now that it’s gotten a bit better, I’m still fighting with my motivation. I did think of some new ideas for mixes, but executing those ideas is a different story…

Aside from that, it’s about time to get back into the spirit of things. It’s October, and this year’s Halloween mix is getting closer. In case you didn’t know, there was a voting on my YouTube channel, asking you what theme this year’s Halloween mix should have. That voting ended today, so here are the results:

Surprisingly, Vampires lost to Demons and Zombies didn’t stand a chance. So this year’s theme is gonna be Night of the Demon. I gathered some ideas already, got some ideas from your comments as well, but all I can say for sure is: expect some Shin Megami Tensei in that mix. I want to make a dedicated mix for vampires at some point, so despite that one could argue that a vampire could be classified as a demon, I don’t really want to include them in this mix specifically.

While “demon” is a classification that can easily be stretched, it’s also possible that I might include some tunes that have absolutely nothing to do with it. That’s almost a tradition by now anyway.

To sum it up: Sorry that there’s no song today, but don’t worry: it’s time for this year’s Halloween Mix soon!

Cursed Mansion

I’ve been waiting to revisit this song for a while now. In 2011, I made a remix of the Luigi’s Mansion Main Theme called Mansion of Ill Omen – and now it’s back in all its glory! I present: Cursed Mansion!

There really isn’t anything surprising in here that wasn’t in the original. It’s a rather intense, fast take on Luigi’s Mansion‘s main tune – and it doesn’t sound very spooky at all. There’s also some Super Mario Bros. in there somewhere! Alas, that was in the original too. Of course, the instruments are largely different and effects have been adjusted and added to the mix. Also some adjustments in the song itself here and there and different mixing and stuff.

I didn’t spend too much time on this because I originally wanted to finish a different song in time – but it didn’t really work out that well, so I had to come up with an alternative. I think this song is definitely more than just a filler though! My excuse is, that they announced Luigi’s Mansion for the Nintendo 3DS and Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the Nintendo Switch not too long ago~

Alrighty then, less talk more listen:

Cursed Mansion (70 downloads)


And here’s the video as usual, I decided to add 2018 to the title as it is clearly a remake, even if I changed the name (kinda wanted to go for a shorter title):


You know, Luigi’s Mansion is just one of many older Nintendo titles that gets remade or ported or something similar lately. I sometimes think Nintendo likes to remake their older stuff just as much as I do!

Only one more month to go until this year’s Halloween special! Did you know there is a poll running on my YouTube channel where you can vote for the theme? It looks like it’s demons this year, which is perfectly fine by me. I’m just a little surprised that zombies didn’t get a lot of votes…better make sure you place your vote before the voting ends in early October!

Dirty Business

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for the shittiest mix you’ve ever heard! I present: Dirty Business!

Technoprano from 2014 makes a return and brought friends! Everything brown and dirty was invited, here’s what we got:

  • Sloprano [Conker’s Bad Fur Day]
  • Sewer or Later [Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back]
  • Divine Combat [The Binding of Isaac]
  • Fast Track to Browntown [Super Meat Boy]
  • Grunty Industries [Banjo-Tooie]

If you download the song, you might notice that it has the originally intended title Piece of Sh!t as the sub-name. I thought it was a bit much to actually call it that and post it everywhere, but it’s there~

Dirty Business (68 downloads)


And here’s the video, I hope you like the color brown:


This song is actually a joke promise I once made – and I delivered. I would have liked to bring you more of Brownie’s Theme, but that tune is such a pain to sequence – the short part you actually get to hear in the mix took forever to get down and I still think it doesn’t sound quite right. In the end I had to take some liberties to make it work. Just so you know!

Alternate song titles:

  • The Color Brown
  • Party Pooper
  • The Sound of Crap
  • Disciple of the Toilet

The next upload should be ready in 2 weeks as usual, whatever that may be. I still have a few other songs and ideas in my mind~