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NEO Lord of the Elements

The finale of NEO Lord of the Elements is here at last – the final song of the Disciple album of the same name – NEO Lord of the Elements!

It’s in fact a new version of Lord of the Elements – the final song of the first Disciple Month. Just like the old song, it includes parts of all the albums Disciple songs – although this time, only the True versions. This also means that NEO Lord includes Earth as well.

Aside from that, there are different choices for some elements, and You Will Know Our Names has been replaced by other tunes. Well, no need to stretch this out further – here’s the song:

NEO Lord of the Elements (29 downloads)

For the video I chose Maxwell, the summon for the actual Lord of the Elements in Tales of Symphonia, to represent the final song this time around:

And this concludes NEO Lord of the Elements. Or does it? As usual with these sorts of projects, an album on Bandcamp will be available at a later date – I’ll let you know when it releases.

Once that is done, we move on to October – which means this year’s Halloween Mix is just around the corner…

True Disciple of Darkness

After the faker tried to steal the spotlight, it is time for true darkness to emerge – and with it the seventh song of NEO Lord of the Elements, True Disciple of Darkness!

Dark Man has been sacrificed to the true darkness – the real face of the disciple is revealed. Dark Matter, Zero Two, Infinite – and your own shadow emerge in his stead.

True Disciple of Darkness (65 downloads)

This is the song list:

  • Fighting of the Spirit
  • Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Main Theme
  • Miracle Matter
  • Complete Darkness
  • Dark Castle
  • Zero Two
  • Infinite
  • I’ll Face Myself -Battle-

And this is the video:

Only the finale remains…

False Disciple of Darkness

I kinda feel like the title already gave it away, but oh well! The sixth entry of NEO Lord of the Elements is NOT True Disciple of Darkness – it’s a faker!

Now you may be wondering: why? Let me explain:

I was about to save the actual True Disciple of Darkness, when Windows notified me that such a file already exists. I was so confused. So I checked, and indeed:

Turns out I already tried to make a true version of Darkness years ago. The reason I never finished it, was that it didn’t sound right – it didn’t sound dark, it sounded…false.

But there was also a lot of effort put in it, some really cool parts – and I’m not one to just let that go to waste. So I saw this as the perfect opportunity to finalize it and add the song to NEO Lord of the Elements. This also gives me another week to finish the actual song. 😉

So without further ado, here’s False Disciple of Darkness:

False Disciple of Darkness (62 downloads)

Need a song list? I got you covered:

  • Fighting of the Spirit
  • Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Main Theme
  • Miracle Matter
  • A Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry
  • Dark Side of Fate
  • Necalli Theme
  • The Shining Needle Castle Sinking in the Air

The video premiered before this post, and it literally let everyone in the dark about this being not the real deal. Before the premiere started, it showed up as True Disciple of Darkness:

The real deal, True Disciple of Darkness, comes out next week. Stay tuned! 😉