Schedule update

Hey everyone, despite the stress at work I’m still alive and kicking! I’ve been doing some thinking about my music and wanted to share a little big update on how things are gonna go from now on.

Let me start by saying: I’ve made a LOT of remixes and medleys in the last few years and honestly, I feel it got kinda stale – a lot of my more recent songs feel uninspired, lack creativity and they all fit in the same pattern.

So I decided to slow down my schedule considerably, take a few steps back, watch some tutorials and learn how to do basic parts of song writing (which I never properly learned) and try out different styles.

My goal from here on out will be to make more original songs, but also to make remixes in different styles that I can be truly proud of. It will be a journey, but I sincerely hope it will pay off in the end.

Thank you for all of your continued support! I want to specifically thank all of those who commented on a related post on this topic I made on my YouTube channel, supporting me and wishing me the best – thank you so much for that, I’ll try to make something truly worth listening to!