Here you can listen to and download all the songs from 2015. If something’s not right, like a download has the wrong file or the description doesn’t fit the song, or a song is even missing completely, please tell me, so I can fix it.

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Album Projects

Special Opportunity Mixes

Joe Ximer (X-Mas) - March 27, 2014

The X-Mas Mix of 2015 featured the Boss Theme Holiday Destroyers from Daze Before Christmas. Oh, the humanity!
Christmas Daze (1448 downloads )

Joe Ximer (Halloween) - June 11, 2014Joe Ximer (Kirby) - March 12, 2014Joe Ximer (Castlevania) - August 6, 2014Joe Ximer (Super Mario) - March 12, 2014Joe Ximer (Donkey Kong) - March 27, 2014

The Halloween mix of 2015 focused on tunes related to ghost and especially poltergeists, naturally this includes tunes from Luigi’s Mansion, but there’s quite a bit more to it.
Night of the Poltergeist (2044 downloads )

Joe Ximer (Super Mario) - March 12, 2014

A special medley for Super Mario’s 30th anniversary including Starman and power up themes among other memorable tunes.
30 Years of Starman (3470 downloads )

Regular Mixes


Here’s a hot remix featuring Solid Park, the battle theme from Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2, which makes you go HDD for sure!
Hard Drive Divinity (2221 downloads )


On days like these…kids like you…should be RUNNING in hell! Megalovania meets Cave Story’s Last Battle and that’s pretty cool. Right? (Spoilers: Running Hell not included)
On Days Like These (9396 downloads )


This Bravely Default medley is simply unacceptable. Or so Agnés thinks. It has a lot of piano and even a Chrono Trigger reference, where it was probably intended anyway.
Unacceptable (3454 downloads )


Splatoon’s Final Boss Theme meets Fighting of the Spirit from the Tales of series. Must sound epic? You bet it does. This song is going to spice up your Splatfest.
Splat Zone (5901 downloads )

Joe Ximer (Castlevania) - August 6, 2014Joe Ximer (Fire Emblem) - August 6, 2014dock_icon_cave_story__plus__by_grandorg22-d73x3wg

A burning mix focusing on Heart of Fire from Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, but features a lot of other tunes as well, namely Dance of Illusions, Divine Bloodlines, Vampire Killer, Last Battle from Cave Story and even Trouble! from Fire Emblem.
Scorching Fires (1797 downloads )

Joe Ximer (Kirby) - March 12, 2014Joe Ximer (Touhou) - May 26, 2014

A crazy crossover mix featuring the fake Final Boss Theme, Hyper Zone, from Kirby’s Dreamland 3 and Koishi’s Theme, Hartmann’s Youkai Girl. The result is a mix almost as insane and powerful as you’d expect. Some transitions are inspired by Paranoia by Digital Wing.
Emotional Disorder (4353 downloads )

Joe Ximer (Touhou) - May 26, 2014

The redheads are loose! A magical remix of Strawberry Crisis (Touhou 3) and Dullahan Under the Willows (Touhou 13).
Artificial Magic (2205 downloads )

Joe Ximer (Super Mario) - March 12, 2014

A hyped up remix of Waluigi Pinball with some Greenhorn Forest with some Eurobeat-inspired elements. Too bad, Waluigi Time!
Hyper Pinball (5501 downloads )

Joe Ximer (Legend of Zelda) - March 12, 2014

Party at the Deku Palace, everybody do the Scrub now!
Deku Rave (2010 downloads )

Joe Ximer (Legend of Zelda) - March 12, 2014

Scrub Edit of Deku Rave, for those that think that it needed more variety~
Deku Rave [Scrub Edit] (1924 downloads )

Joe Ximer (Legend of Zelda) - March 12, 2014

A Majora’s Mask medley celebrating the release of Majora’s Mask 3D (and the DLC for Hyrule Warriors).
Mask of Madness (3396 downloads )


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