Here you can listen to and download all the songs from 2019. If something’s not right, like a download has the wrong file or the description doesn’t fit the song, or a song is even missing completely, please tell me, so I can fix it. Also spelling errors. Much appreciated.

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Album Projects

Special Opportunity Mixes

Banana Split (88 downloads)

2019’s X-Mas Mix featuring In a Snow-Bound Land, Stickerbrush Symphony and Donkey Kong Rescued from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest.

Night of the Vampire (78 downloads)

2019’s Halloween Mix featuring vampire-related tunes.

Night of the Vampire [Voiceless] (61 downloads)

Alternate version of Night of the Vampire without Dracula’s voice lines.

High Quality 2 (78 downloads)

2019’s April Fools mix, a Nice Sequel to 2018’s High Quality, is a chaotic medley featuring King Dedede’s Theme, Masked Dedede and a bunch of memes, creating a nice tribute to SiIvaGunner.

Regular Mixes

Coconut Tower (59 downloads)

Final mix of 2019 featuring Stone Tower Temple, Bad Boss Boogie, Cammy’s Theme and High Above the Land (The Flying Machine).

The Change of Dawn (86 downloads)

A remix of The Edge of Dawn from Fire Emblem: Three Houses also featuring Life Will Change from Persona 5.

A Formidable Foe Emerges (93 downloads)

A DJ the S original, inspired by A Powerful Enemy Emerges (hence the similar title) from Super Paper Mario. Originally created for an animated series starring Luigi.

Wolfen Mercenaries [Surprise Edit] (182 downloads)

Alternate version of Wolfen Mercenaries 2019 (see below), featuring Surprise Attack from Star Fox 2

Wolfen Mercenaries 2019 (77 downloads)

Remake of the Star Wolf remix from 2011, now also featuring Corneria.

Dancing Through Grunty's Lair 2019 (48 downloads)

Greatly updated version of the Banjo-Kazooie/Banjo-Tooie Medley from 2010.

Castle Flow (90 downloads)

Remake of the Super Mario World Castle Remix from 2010.

Rat Trap (86 downloads)

Remix of the Squeak Boss theme from Kirby: Squeak Squad with a bit of Kirby 64’s Boss Theme

Fate Administrator (66 downloads)

Remix of Fate of Sixty Years (Touhou 9: Phantasmagoria of Flower View), True Administrator (Touhou 13: Ten Desires) and Miror B. (Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness)

Dededelicious (65 downloads)

Memeless version of the April Fools mix, featuring King Dedede, Masked Dedede and Puzzle Room

Time to Battle 2 (113 downloads)

Another massive RPG battle medley with some throwbacks to the first one

Sorcery Swine (74 downloads)

Remix of Wizpig from Diddy Kong Racing featuring Piggy Guys from Mother 3 to celebrate the year of the pig

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