Here you can listen to and download all the songs from 2019. If something’s not right, like a download has the wrong file or the description doesn’t fit the song, or a song is even missing completely, please tell me, so I can fix it. Also spelling errors. Much appreciated.

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Album Projects

Special Opportunity Mixes

Banana Split (1302 downloads )

2019’s X-Mas Mix featuring In a Snow-Bound Land, Stickerbrush Symphony and Donkey Kong Rescued from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest.

Night of the Vampire (1382 downloads )

2019’s Halloween Mix featuring vampire-related tunes.

Night of the Vampire [Voiceless] (1279 downloads )

Alternate version of Night of the Vampire without Dracula’s voice lines.

High Quality 2 (1427 downloads )

2019’s April Fools mix, a Nice Sequel to 2018’s High Quality, is a chaotic medley featuring King Dedede’s Theme, Masked Dedede and a bunch of memes, creating a nice tribute to SiIvaGunner.

Regular Mixes

Coconut Tower (1418 downloads )

Final mix of 2019 featuring Stone Tower Temple, Bad Boss Boogie, Cammy’s Theme and High Above the Land (The Flying Machine).

The Change of Dawn (1907 downloads )

A remix of The Edge of Dawn from Fire Emblem: Three Houses also featuring Life Will Change from Persona 5.

A Formidable Foe Emerges (1704 downloads )

A DJ the S original, inspired by A Powerful Enemy Emerges (hence the similar title) from Super Paper Mario. Originally created for an animated series starring Luigi.

Wolfen Mercenaries [Surprise Edit] (1868 downloads )

Alternate version of Wolfen Mercenaries 2019 (see below), featuring Surprise Attack from Star Fox 2

Wolfen Mercenaries 2019 (1476 downloads )

Remake of the Star Wolf remix from 2011, now also featuring Corneria.

Dancing Through Grunty's Lair 2019 (1797 downloads )

Greatly updated version of the Banjo-Kazooie/Banjo-Tooie Medley from 2010.

Castle Flow (1495 downloads )

Remake of the Super Mario World Castle Remix from 2010.

Rat Trap (1462 downloads )

Remix of the Squeak Boss theme from Kirby: Squeak Squad with a bit of Kirby 64’s Boss Theme

Fate Administrator (1456 downloads )

Remix of Fate of Sixty Years (Touhou 9: Phantasmagoria of Flower View), True Administrator (Touhou 13: Ten Desires) and Miror B. (Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness)

Dededelicious (1547 downloads )

Memeless version of the April Fools mix, featuring King Dedede, Masked Dedede and Puzzle Room

Time to Battle 2 (2148 downloads )

Another massive RPG battle medley with some throwbacks to the first one

Sorcery Swine (1520 downloads )

Remix of Wizpig from Diddy Kong Racing featuring Piggy Guys from Mother 3 to celebrate the year of the pig

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