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Mainly for announcements of new uploads on YouTube or elsewhere. Might also be used for the release of exclusive songs.

Woo Fak Bounce 2018

As mentioned last time, we’re having another remake this time. This time it’s a Banjo Tooie remix from 2010 – I present Woo Fak Bounce 2018!

As the name might suggest, it’s a remix of the Lord Woo Fak Fak boss fight. For the remake, I also added some Targitzan to the mix, which worked surprisingly well.

Since the original is from 2010, I don’t think I have to mention that it’s pretty old already and also sounds that way, but if you insist you can still find it here. On the other hand I didn’t have to change all that much – although I don’t even have the original project file anymore, just a modified later version. Oh well, it worked either way. Let’s listen to it already:

Woo Fak Bounce 2018 (37 downloads)


Video time:


I’m making lots of remakes this year it seems – there’s just so many cool tunes from my earlier years with potential to sound quite a bit better. Can’t let that potential go to waste~

I think I’ll put the year number at the end of all future remakes, might add that to the older video names as well. After all, I added that to the best of albums already, it just makes those songs easier to find later!

True Disciple of Light

A few months ago, I “fixedDisciple of Time by adding Primal Dialga to it. Now, there was at least one person (you know who you are) who felt it was a bit odd that it would still also feature so prominently in Disciple of the Light. And since I agree with that, it was time to fix another Disciple song: here’s the True Disciple of Light!

So after some trial and error – I tried some songs which worked as a replacement and realized only afterwards that they actually have a different element in mind – I ended up replacing Primal Dialga with You Are My Hope (Bravely Default) and Wonderful Heaven (Touhou 10.5: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody). Those are light-based in my book.

This increases the amount of themes in the song even more, although Disciple of the Light was already unrivaled in its sheer amount of tunes included. Now Marisa is the only one included in multiple Disciple tunes (Light and Magic).  I decided not to change that.

Once again I used the opportunity to make some minor adjustments as well. You’ll likely notice the changes in the Divine Identity part right away, but I also added a little more oomph to the Champion Diantha part and the ending:

True Disciple of Light (119 downloads)


And here’s the video:


I also changed the color for light, so it could stand as its own and not a darkness replica, although the similarity was originally intended. I also removed the “the”, since I felt it was unnecessary.

I got a few ideas in my head for the next songs, but I probably won’t have much time to work on something until the next scheduled upload date, so I might work on another remake before we start something completely new again.

VGAR4 Bonus 3 – Funky Kicks

Are you ready for the finale? I present to you: the final and true bonus song of VG Arch Rivals Vol. 4, Funky Kicks!

The song features the truly fabulous duo Miror B. (Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness) and Mettaton Ex (Undertale) with their respective themes. The focus is a bit more on Miror B. with Mettaton joining in every now and then. It would certainly have been possible to give both of them the same amount of spotlight, but that’s just how it turned out~


This time I didn’t forget about the intro:


Long-time fans will probably find many parts of the song familiar

And that was the last bonus song. Time to finalize the album so VG Arch Rivals Vol. 4 can finally be released next Sunday! *excitement*