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Mainly for announcements of new uploads on YouTube or elsewhere. Might also be used for the release of exclusive songs.

Night Drive

Hey, it’s been a good while without any updates, but Halloween is a good time to give some. Turns out I’m still alive and kicking, I’ve just been looking into other things besides music lately, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t gonna be new songs – in fact, I have one here right now: 2023’s Halloween Mix, Night Drive!

Night Drive is a Eurobeat-inspired take on Diddy Kong Racing‘s Haunted Woods, which I already featured several times in past Halloween Mixes. It also includes just a little bit of Sturm’s Theme (Advance Wars) for good measure.

Night Drive (36127 downloads )

And here’s the video, I didn’t really change anything to the format, but you get some bouncy Wizpigs at least:

And with that, Halloween is saved! …Right?

No idea when the next song is gonna come up and what it’ll be, but keep your eyes peeled, I guess! Also if you’re into the spooks, you can check out my Halloween playlist featuring all of the past Halloween Mixes, including this one!

Happy Halloween!

Burning Spirit

I’m back with another song, and this one will fell somewhat familiar midway through although it’s not a remake: Burning Spirit is the continuation of last year’s song Way of the Fist and shares some parts of that song.

Although it also features Chun-Li Stage (Street Fighter II) and Victory Fanfare (Final Fantasy IV) like Way of the Fist, the focus is on the other themes, namely Primordial Beat (Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character), The Tiger Patterned Vaisravana (Touhou 12: Undefined Fantastic Object) and Fabul (Final Fantasy IV).

Burning Spirit (61813 downloads )

For that reason, the video features Shou, Raiko and Yang:

I’ve been trying a few things out aside from the usual uploads and I feel like I have to if I want to move forward. This also means that uploads are likely going to be less frequent in general, but hopefully I can upload more interesting songs to make up for it (don’t expect too much though).

Toxic Chaos Sprout

Hi everybody, the wait has been somewhat long, but now it’s time for 2023’s first song: Toxic Chaos Sprout!

Dr. Eggman meets Kaos in this unlikely Sonic and Donkey Kong crossover, featuring the eerie tunes of Kastle Kaos from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble! and the Sega Saturn version of Panic Puppet Zone Act 2 from Sonic 3D Blast!

Here we go:

Toxic Chaos Sprout (68166 downloads )

Of course, videos are still a thing in 2023:

And that’s one way to start the new year, guess we’ll keep going like that for a while now!