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Mainly for announcements of new uploads on YouTube or elsewhere. Might also be used for the release of exclusive songs.

Jingle Caverns

It’s about time for 2018’s X-Mas Mix! I wonder how much you can already gather from the song name? As the title of this post suggests, it’s Jingle Caverns! Not one of my most creative song names, I know~

So one of the songs included is Darkmoon Caverns from Diddy Kong Racing. A pretty cool track which fits quite well for an X-Mas Mix, although it’s not even one of the actual snow/ice level tunes of the game! This year I thought I’d also add a little bit (by which I mean a lot) of my favorite Christmas song, Jingle Bells, as well – which makes it a true X-Mas Mix in my book. I always wanted to include that somewhere. So without further delay, let’s have a listen:

Jingle Caverns (68 downloads)

Can’t forget the video, right:

It’s more on the short side, but it’s really more of a Christmas-y mix than usual, right? Either way, I still have lots of stuff to prepare. The end of the year is fast approaching and we still have to get the year’s final mix out there as well as the Best of album. If all goes according to plan, you’ll hear from me again next Sunday. Till then…

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sobat Festival 2018

What was supposed to be another remake turned out to be so much work. I’ve been trying several times to get 2012’s Sobat Festival to the next level, but it turned out to be so difficult. But I think I finally got to a point where I can say “hey that’s not half bad”. I ended up trying so much stuff until it kinda worked. It’s a really weird mix.

I always liked that idea of the song, basically a remix of Dee Jay’s Stage from Super Street Fighter II featuring Wario (musically with Greenhorn Forest from Wario World) as Dee Jay’s rival, who is quite similar to his actual rival in Super Street Fighter IV in many ways.

I would have liked to add some more voice clips, like the original has, but ultimately decided against it for a couple of reasons. I’d usually have a voiceless version available, but I couldn’t really get most of the samples to work with this weird song. There’s still a few left though! So let’s hear it, brace yourselves for Sobat Festival 2018:

Sobat Festival 2018 (99 downloads)

Of course we have a video to go along with that:

It was a lot of work, I hope it was worth it? Next Sunday you’ll definitely get a new song as it’s once again time for our annual X-Mas Mix. Although these are usually kind of, uh, not too interesting for the most part? Oh well! After that we’re closing the year off with the year’s final mix and, of course, the Best Of 2018 album. Lots of work ahead I see, uh, I better get going!

Hyper Drive Divinity

It’s unusual time for an upload, but everything’s unusual lately, that’s just how things are gonna be in late 2018 I guess! Today I present something I’ve been reworking over the last few months. Now, that sounds like a lot – but I didn’t do all that much during that timespan, so don’t expect too much!

I kinda wanted to fix Hard Drive Divinity from 2015, since there were a few things that bothered me. I wasn’t sure if it really deserved its own upload though, given the very few changes. I did work on it some more yesterday, after I came up with a download plan, and I think now it deserves its spot as an intermediate upload. So let’s take a look at Hyper Drive Divinity!

The two most prominent changes include the replacing of the rolling up and down weird synth by a weird synth YEAH. That’s how it’s called, definitely.  The other is me admitting that the original song, especially some specific parts like the ending, actually don’t come from Solid Park from the game Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2, but instead from Goddess Awakening Feat Solid Park from Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation. Also there’s now an intro, that’s new too.

The song is more similar to the Best Of DJ the S 2015 version than the YouTube version, which didn’t have the specific ending. So let’s see what it sounds like:

Hyper Drive Divinity (350 downloads)

Can’t forget the video of course:

So that’s that. If all goes as planned, I’ll have another song ready TOMORROW.  So I’ll hopefully see you then!