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Mainly for announcements of new uploads on YouTube or elsewhere. Might also be used for the release of exclusive songs.

Chill Out

Well hello there – I know it’s been a while, but I kinda lost my muse for a while and couldn’t finish any of the songs I was already working on…but don’t worry, it’s almost Christmas and I got just the thing: 2022’s X-Mas Mix, Chill Out!

This was one of the songs I was working on, which uses a part from Disciple of the Ice that was removed for the True Disciple version. I realized that Chill didn’t really fit in an ice-themed mix, but it sounded too cool to just scrap it, so I wanted to make it its own song instead. Aside from Chill, the song also includes Fever and Tetris Type A – because my first Dr. Mario game was also my first Tetris game (Tetris & Dr. Mario on the SNES).

Since lots of people were getting sick lately with COVID-19 and influenza and other stuff going around, fueling up on some Dr. Mario sounds like a good idea, right? Enjoy and stay healthy!

Chill Out (30813 downloads)

Can’t forget the video, of course – let those viruses bounce before the big pill hits them just right:

This will likely be the last song of the year. I’ll spend the remaining days to prepare 2022’s Best of album, which will likely be released around the start of the new year – and 2023 is sure to have some more songs in store for everyone. I hope you stick around 😉

I wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Dreamland Offensive 2022

We return from the little break after the Halloween madness with another remake, namely the Kirby medley Dreamland Offensive 2022!

While trying to make the song more concise than before, a lot of tunes got lost in the process. There were already two versions of Dreamland Offensive: the original version (which is on YouTube) and the album version (which is available on bandcamp and the download on this website). The latter already removed Zero Two and the Kirby’s Block Ball Boss Theme, but extended the song by ending with the Options Theme from Kirby’s Dreamland 3.

The 2022 version makes a step back and a step forward by removing Meta Knight’s Battle Theme and Galacta Knight’s Battle Theme, but reintroducing Zero Two. Aside from that there were a lot of changes in the sounds and mastering, especially the King Dedede part got a complete overhaul. I guess it’s easier if you just listen to it:

Dreamland Offensive 2022 (34261 downloads)

Here’s the list of included tunes for the 2022 version:

  • Options (Kirby’s Dreamland 3)
  • King Dedede’s Theme
  • Meta Knight’s Revenge
  • Squeak Boss
  • Masked Dedede
  • Zero Two
  • Boss (Kirby 64)

Let’s not forget the video – highlighting the currently played song is now a recurring thing again:

I’ve been working on a few other songs lately. I actually finished this one last minute, because the others still need some more work. I wonder which one I’ll finish next?

Night in the Factory

It’s Halloween, so it’s time for the third and final Halloween Mix of 2022! Instead of creatures like in the “Night of the…” Halloween Mixes of the previous years, we move on to spooky locations. We’re starting off with an abandoned factory! I present: Night in the Factory!

As you can probably guess, the song features a bunch of factory themes, namely Fear Factory (Donkey Kong Country), Abandoned Factory (Persona 2: Innocent Sin), Kalos Power Plant (Pokémon X/Y), Frantic Factory (Donkey Kong 64) and Factory Inspection (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards).

Are you ready to investigate the abandoned factory together? Then let’s hear it, and found out, how “abandoned” it really is:

Night in the Factory (25459 downloads)

And here’s the video, with Fear Factory background and Klang and Ippon Datara vibing together:

Spooky beats right? Well, maybe not so spooky, but the beats were alright, right? And that concludes this year’s spookiest month!

Happy Halloween everybody! I’ll see you next time with…um…I’ll probably figure something out!