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Wolfen Mercenaries [Surprise Edit]

I noticed from the comments you guys left on the last video, that some of you were disappointed that the remake of Wolfen Mercenaries didn’t feature Surprise Attack from Star Fox 2. Well, today I’m making up for that.

The Surprise Edit of Wolfen Mercenaries 2019 adds Surprise Attack to the mix. Quite prominently, actually. There’s also no Corneria in this version, so it’s a pure Star Wolf remix. Well then, let’s hear it:

Wolfen Mercenaries [Surprise Edit] (130 downloads)

And again, it’s not complete without a video:

Well, I sure hope that makes up for this oversight. I was a bit surprised actually – I knew about Star Fox 2 and that Star Wolf appeared there, but wasn’t aware that the game has been released for real with the SNES mini. Didn’t recall what its Star Wolf Theme sounded like either, I kind of assumed it was the same as the Star Wolf theme we’re used to by now – well, turns out it’s clearly not!

But I still like the other version of Wolfen Mercenaries. Since it’s a remake of an older song, I focused on keping the original vibe and taking it to the next level. With that out of the way, I felt I had much more freedom to adjust the song for Surprise Attack in its own version.

Wolfen Mercenaries 2019

Today it’s time for something I’ve been trying to do for years and I’m not kidding. It’s yet another remake: Wolfen Mercenaries 2019!

I always felt that Wolfen Mercenaries from 2011 had great potential, but the mixing in that one was just, uh, not very good I’d say! After a bunch of attempts to take it to the next level and a lot of failures, it seems I finally accomplished that feat.

The song includes, as the title might suggest, Star Wolf from Star Fox 64, but this version also includes Corneria from Star Fox. Here you go:

Wolfen Mercenaries 2019 (119 downloads)

And here’s the video to go along with it:

I’m getting rather excited for the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, so the next song might be Fire Emblem related…maybe I’ll do something with that song that got so crazy popular back in the day? Hmmm…

Dancing Through Grunty’s Lair 2019

It has been really hot these last few weeks – and I’m not only talking about the Smash Ultimate reveals! But that’s an excellent cue:

Since Banjo&Kazooie have been revealed to join Smash Bros. Ultimate, it’s time I gave the franchise some love as well. So you get a Banjo-Kazooie/Banjo-Tooie medley today: Dancing Through Grunty’s Lair 2019!

As the name suggests, this is yet another upgrade of an existing remix/medley, this one was from 2010. This time I’m feeling too lazy to list the songs, Banjo fans will probably know right away anyway – and if not, there’s still the video! So let’s get this show on the road:

Dancing Through Grunty's Lair 2019 (297 downloads)

Here’s the video, highlighting all the included songs:

And that’s it for today folks! The weather reports said it’s gonna be even hotter the next few days, urgh…not a huge fan of the heat x__x