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Mainly for announcements of new uploads on YouTube or elsewhere. Might also be used for the release of exclusive songs.

DDD Destiny 2021

The king returns, mask in hand – and he’s stronger than ever. I present you another fine remake today: DDD Destiny 2021.

Originally from 2011, I upgraded the sound, added a better ending and made some other changes, while still staying true to the original. I think it’s a great improvement that does the song justice.

I feel like the original mix of Masked Dedede and King Dedede’s Theme (both from the Kirby series) was pretty creative, so it’s a shame it was lying around in that state for years. I just recently rediscovered it through a comment, about time for the song’s 10-year anniversary. Here we go:

DDD Destiny 2021 (116 downloads)

Let’s not forget the video:

And that’s another remake down, but I still have like, 3 more in the works. I wonder if I can show you something else next time though…only time will tell ; )

Grunty’s Funky Lair 2021

Sorry, it’s been a while, I’ve been keeping myself busy hunting monsters and completely forgot I had a new song lying around that was almost finished. I decided to put some more work into it and I’m quite happy with the result.

It’s a remake of Grunty’s Funky Lair, a remix of Gruntilda’s Lair (Banjo-Kazooie) from 2010, which was based largely on the Grunty’s Furnace Fun version of Gruntilda’s Lair. But the remake should be quite the step up from the original, with new sound, new parts and other changes. So let’s hear it:

Grunty's Funky Lair 2021 (122 downloads)

I tried changing things up slightly for the video too, still looking for the right kind of template (thumbnail is different this time as well):

Thanks to some of your comments on YouTube I rediscovered even more of my older songs, which I would like to upgrade. They have lots of potential, lots of creativity put into them – but these days they just sound so…outdated. It’s a real shame, so I’d really like to put them in a new light. So stay tuned for that! Right now I’ll go back to hunting some monsters – I hope to see you next time 😉

Fool’s Gold

Well, well, well – would you look at the DATE. Looks like we’re about to get fooled! But no – today it’s time for quite the opposite. It’s time for Fool’s Gold.

A tasty combination of fresh (and not so fresh) meme songs, compiled into a single song. What better way to sum it up than with a meme:

I’m sure you can’t wait to hear it:

Fool's Gold (135 downloads)

Don’t forget there’s a video too:

Happy April Fools!