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Elemental Disciples vs The 4 Elemental Fiends

Long title…is long!

Inspired by the Disciple Months, this song challenges Final Fantasy IV’s 4 Lords of the Elements and sends in one Disciple per element (with an additional newcomer in fire) to battle. Will the Disciples remain victorious in this epic battle?

I said last week that I wanted to polish the song a bit and indeed, I changed a few elements of the song slightly, but I didn’t (wasn’t able to) really remaster it as announced. In fact, my headphones broke during that process which didn’t help at all. I hope you can still enjoy this song which just seems to be crowded with so much stuff!

As usual you’ll find the song, the download and the video below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Elemental Disciples vs The 4 Elemental Fiends (1654 downloads)

And here’s the video:

Next I have something in mind that you won’t expect. Never. It will also be quite the arrangement if I want to make it sound like my usual stuff. I have no idea if that will even work out so maybe I shouldn’t even announce it like that…but this is only a footnote anyway! Want a hint? Have at you: “Monochrome”. That’s all you get, till next time~

Disciples in progress

Have a Disciple song work in progress! With a really long name! “Elemental Disciples vs the 4 Elemental Fiends” is a mix of some elements from the Disciple songs Earth, Water, Wind and Fire (with a little extra in fire) and Dreadful Battle, the battle theme of the 4 Lords of the Elements (or Fiends of the Elements) from Final Fantasy IV and of course Fighting of the Spirit (Tales of Phantasia/Symphonia). Scarmiglione vs Goron Link (Earth), Cagnazzo vs Frog (Water), Barbarizia vs Tornado Man (Wind) and Rubicante vs┬áSamus and Okuu (Fire)!

Why work in progress? There’s still some things I want to try, making everything sound clearer and louder at the same time. Mixing stuff basically, something I’m still not good at…I’ll try, but I have no idea if I can pull that off, so here you go, listen to it:

Elemental Disciples vs the 4 Elemental Fiends

Let me summarize the current standing of the Touhou voting for you:

Bad Apple and Suwa Foughten Field both have 11 votes and are first place, 3rd is Eternal Shrine Maiden with 8 votes. Strawberry Crisis and The Shining Needle Castle Sinking in the Air are both in a good position with 6 votes as well. But there are still not enough votes by FAR to finish that voting.


Now before anything, let me remind you of that peculiar voting we’re still having. Quite a few entries by now, slowly it starts to get interesting!

Now that my creative crisis seems to be over (for now~), here’s a song that came out of nowhere: Technoprano! A remix of Sloprano from Conker’s Bad Fur Day. The Great Mighty Poo is quite amused. Gotta thank VanishingSVST and Mark Madcow for giving me inspiration and motivation to get back to working on stuff. Thanks!

Speaking of VanishingSVST, check out that awesome new icon made by him:

New Joe Icon - June 5, 2014I love it! But back to the song~

As usual you’ll find the song, the download and the video below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Technoprano (1385 downloads)

And here’s the video:

I haven’t really found the motivation to finish this site which is rather lame, but there’s just so much stuff happening at the moment. But at least I finished the Touhou section today!