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Contest winner & corrections

The voting is over…you chose Alimbic Insanity to be the next song with an incredible majority of 81%. So this week Alimbic Insanity will await you and two weeks after that Brinstar Alchemy.

A small correction: my friend’s birthday is actually on May, 5th. Silly me…however, since that’s a Monday I can’t guarantee for anything. The best solution might be to upload it on Sunday, 11th. I’ll see what I can do to upload it somewhere in between…

That basically means 3 uploads in 3 weeks! Like back in the good old days…

Crest of Infinity, upcoming songs

You’ve asked for it and so here it is, the winner of the first voting: Crest of Infinity! A nice new feature: now anyone can download songs, you don’t have to be a logged user anymore! I also updated my copyright policy.

Crest of Infinity is a remix of the credits theme, Memorial of the Fallen Ones, (which is very similar to Beyond the Colosseum, the first stage theme of the game) from that amazing game that is Demon’s Crest. It also features some Zero 2, because I had the feeling it would fit quite well, with all these organs and stuff. I wanted to emphasize on the part I loved so much, so prepare to hear that part a lot.

Crest of Infinity (1525 downloads)

For reference, the original video:

Don’t forget to vote on the remaining songs Alimbic Insanity and Brinstar Alchemy here. I need to know the winner until next Sunday. Also there’s going to be another remix on May, 3rd which is a Saturday I think? Right before the upload of the next song…not the best timing, but that’s the thing with birthdays, no? I don’t want to be late like last year…here’s a hint: the mix will be Harvest Moon-related!

Choose a Song Part 2

As promised: part 2 of the voting for the next song! Crest of Infinity will be next, but which should I finish afterwards?

Crest of Infinity might have won the first part of the voting, but the votes were really balanced, so I’m still excited what you will choose after that song! Happy voting!

The voting ends on Sunday, 27th of April.

You might remember them anyway, but here are the remaining 2 contestants:

– Alimbic Insanity

A Metroid Prime: Hunters remix, previously of Gorea Phase 2 is now more a Hunters medley, which is some sort of Gorea Phase 1. I tried to make the Hunter themes fit together so they can ALL PLAY TOGETHER AT ONCE. Maybe I’ll also add another Metroid reference…

Alimbic Insanity (preview)

– Brinstar Alchemy

A remix of Super Metroid’s Brinstar Overgrown with Vegetation Area. I planned to make it sound more House-inspired than usual, but I’m unsure if I can pull that off adequately. I’m trying some new mixing techniques with this one, so it’s a bit experimental, but might throw me in the right direction.

Brinstar Alchemy (preview)

I guess you know the procedure by now, so get your digital pencils out and vote below! The results will be revealed on Monday, 28th of April. Should leave me enough time to finish that other song.

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