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Usually showcasing and/or announcing what I’m doing at the moment.

Last Delay 2017 – probably

There’s no excuse, I’ve just been lazy and wasn’t able to finish the new song in time.

I have two weeks off now so I’ll have lots of time to work on the new song and the X-Mas Mix. The plan is to upload this year’s X-Mas Mix on Sunday – it’s gonna be another Snowboard Kids remix like White Magic, that much I can say.

I already made quite some progress on the other song, which doesn’t even really have a name yet (in case you’re wondering, it’s running under the working title ‘Release the Bogus 2017’ – that’s simply random and NOT related to Punch Out though). I’ll upload it when it’s done. Deadline is the end of the year of course! Anyway, here’s a preview:

Super Mario Super Fun Preview

As you can see from the title, I’m once again unable to finish a song in time…well, more or less. It would have been scheduled for today, but since Super Mario Odyssey comes out on Friday…I still have some time, right?

The initial idea was to make a remix of Jump Up, Super Star mixed with something like the Bonus Stage tune from Donkey Kong Country 3 (which kind of has been done already). But what do you know, it turns out these songs are really complex, so I got quite overwhelmed and decided to do something else instead…

The new idea is making a medley of fun Mario tunes, not necessarily from the main Mario games. If I can, I’d still like to include a little bit of Jump Up, Super Star, but I’m not sure if I can pull it off. We’ll have to see!

As for the title, I picked Super Mario Super Fun, that should be descriptive enough. So here’s a bit of what I got so far, but be warned that this is a preview version and the parts you hear can still change:


I hope I’ll be done with the mix until Friday, so I can focus on this year’s Halloween special afterwards. I’m already quite excited for it~

Waves of Eternity Preview

I know some of you have been checking this website to look for the latest song that was scheduled for today – and now that there’s nothing here, you’re probably wondering what’s going on, right?

Well the thing is: working with vocals is hard! (…not DK Rap-like vocals, that’s fairly easy – I mean actual singing) It certainly didn’t help that I was feeling tired and not motivated at all the whole week…so I won’t be able to finish the song and video today, I can only give you a little preview.

Fire Emblem Warriors is coming out in about two weeks, so I wanted to make a song for that (although I’m personally not too excited for the game at all). Luckily that means there is still some time to make this song – but my schedule will probably get messed up…

Actually it’s more a lucky coincidence though, since I had the vocals for Lost in Thoughts All Alone lying around for a while. They are not absolutely clean (it’s more a hack where you subtract the instrumental version from the song), but for what it is, it’s pretty good. But since there is still a bit of noise in the background of the singing, getting the mixing right is even more difficult than it already is. I just want the song to turn out as good as possible – well, as good as I can make it.

So here we go, I’ll just show you what I have so far:

preview version of Waves of Eternity

Be aware that this is a beta version and that I might change sounds and whole parts of the song if I feel that it’s better that way. My goal is to finish the song before next Sunday. Since I’m working during the week I can’t do that much – but I’ll try.

And since we’re here…did you notice something? I gave the website a new look, I hope you like it as much as I do!