Bloody Fears

At last! The third of the 4 Touhou crossovers is a mix of Castlevania and Touhou, so we call it Touhouvania! Took quite a while, but now I’m done with my thesis for the most part, so I was finally able to finish this song. I hope I haven’t got rusty in the meantime…

Actually that idea isn’t new, as long-time followers already know since U.N. Owen was a Wicked Child. There exists a really good fan game called Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony. It was so well-received, that it actually even got a sequel called Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger’s Requiem. The first one features Reimu “Belmont” Hakurei as the protagonist with her Hakurei whip thing and Marisa as an exist, while the second one (as far as I know) features Sakuya as the protagonist. Certainly Alucard-like in terms of style and even makes sense with all her rumored Vampire Hunter back story.

But now to the song itself: Bloody Fears! Born from a fan suggestion, this song includes Rumia’s themes and Bloody Tears, as well as two other famous Castlevania tunes (Beginning and Vampire Killer). The song might be a whole mess, but I kinda like it. Probably because I just like Vampire Killer and Rumia’s themes? I suppose…

As usual you’ll find the song, the download and the video below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Bloody Fears (2286 downloads)

And here’s the video:

The grand finale in our “Crossover Month” is something special and I don’t want to spoil that~ Let me just say that the Reimu & Sanae music series gets a 4th installment.

However, once again we’ll have another OST focus next week, featuring Divine Entity.

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