Broken Champ

It’s time for this year’s grand finale. I believe you’ve been waiting for it: here’s Broken Champ!

Like Sonic Boom and Expand Nice, it’s a crazy mix featuring lots of unrelated tunes. Everything goes and you’ll notice one or the other unusual pick alongside familiar tunes. Before I list the songs, maybe you’ll want to listen to it first:

Broken Champ (336 downloads)

Let me list the included tunes now:

  • Balrog StageStreet Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Concrete JungleMega Man 9
  • Bad Boss BoogieDonkey Kong Land
  • Bad AppleTouhou 4: Lotus Land Story
  • Masked DededeKirby Super Star Ultra
  • Spider DanceUndertale
  • Mad Mew MewUndertale (Nintendo Switch)
  • Battle! Team Rainbow Rocket Grunt Pokémon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon
  • Black Homestuck

Now I hope I was able to surprise you with one or the other choice! In any case, here’s the video as usual:

And that almost wraps up this year. Of course, tomorrow is the day of this year’s Best of album as usual, featuring some updated versions of this year’s songs. So I won’t be gone for long – see you soon!

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