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Today we’ll do a special thing: a poll! Because simply showing previews of songs isn’t good enough, I’ll let you choose which of these 3 you’d like to see finished next! Seeing as there isn’t much traffic at the moment, I’ll play safe and make an announcement video on YouTube to be sure enough people vote (voting does not require a registration or anything! in fact everything should work with a Google account by now).

The first part of the voting ends on Tuesday already, because I’ll need to know which of the songs I should finish until next Monday (it’s Easter holiday and I won’t be able to upload before Monday). After that we’ll have another poll where you can vote for the next song of the remaining two entries.

Before you vote below, here are the contestants:

Alimbic Insanity

This is already my personal favorite for the voting. You might remember this song from last year’s voting. It got third place along with the other Metroid song and I never really finished it. Now seems to be the right time to have another look at Alimbic Insanity, a Metroid Prime: Hunters remix, although the general idea (a remix of Gorea Phase 2) has already been abandoned. While the beginning is still the same, the song is now more a Hunters medley, which is some sort of Gorea Phase 1. I tried to make the Hunter themes fit together so they can ALL PLAY TOGETHER AT ONCE. You already get a small glimpse at that. Maybe I’ll also add another Metroid reference…

Alimbic Insanity (preview)

Brinstar Alchemy

Formerly known as “Plants and Drums”, Brinstar Alchemy was the other Metroid song that lost last year’s voting. It’s a remix of Super Metroid’s Brinstar Overgrown with Vegetation Area. I planned to make it sound more House-inspired than usual, but I’m unsure if I can pull that off adequately. I’m trying some new mixing techniques with this one, so it’s a bit experimental, but might throw me in the right direction.

Brinstar Alchemy (preview)

Crest of Infinity

Now this is not a Metroid song and it’s actually new. If you’ve heard of or were lucky enough to play Demon’s Crest for the SNES, you’ll probably be pumped to see a song of this gem here. And if you haven’t heard of it, you might know the game’s protagonist Firebrand from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Now here’s a little story: I recently looked for a game I played back in the days (I only remembered it included a Gargoyle and was for the SNES), so I found this gem and played it. I’m unsure if it even was the game I was looking for, but I’m glad I played it anyway. It’s not that long, but it’s simply fantastic, challenging and leaves you a lot of freedom. Most of the soundtrack includes epic organs, but the song that really hit me in the face was the Credits theme Memorial of the Fallen Ones (which is very similar to Beyond the Colosseum, probably the most popular song of the game), not only because it felt very nostalgic, showing all the places you’ve been to and the bosses you fought. I thought I could make a great, a little bit more upbeat mix of it. Now take the “little bit” x10 and you get Crest of Infinity. More or less. Also Zero 2. Have a listen:

Crest of Infinity (preview)

So much text for such a little poll…now that you managed to go through this wall of text to know the contestants, get your digital pencils out and vote below! The results will be revealed on Wednesday along with the second poll for the remaining two entries. I wonder what you’ll choose?

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