Gerudo Beatbox

Once more, a change of plans. While I tried to decide what to do with the next entry of 10 Years in a Nutshell, I found this gem in one of the project folders. So I grabbed the opportunity and finished what I started years ago.

In general, I think it’s a good idea to mix things up a bit, so I’ll try to spread out the Nutshell mixes (there will at least be up to 10 after all) a bit more evenly, with normal uploads in between. Might as well spread out the anniversary throughout the year, right?

Gerudo Beatbox is actually an updated version of Into the Desert, a mix featuring Gerudo Valley, Kotake & Koume and Requiem of Spirit. So, how exactly is this version better? Well, it might not be! But it contains a lot more Ganondorf (like, Smash Bros. Ganondorf grunts) and different sounds to make everything sound a liiiittle better – in my opinion at least…

Well, shall we take a listen?

Gerudo Beatbox (154 downloads)

Let’s not forget the YouTube video:

While my schedule isn’t the most reliable anymore, I plan to finish 2018 in a Nutshell next, after that…well, let’s just say April is just around the corner 😉

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