Industrial Rhythm [V-weld Edit]

So I’ve been looking at some of my older songs and there’s a fair amount of songs that I like(d), but sound kind of outdated to me, so I can’t enjoy them as much anymore. This makes me sad, so I’ll keep trying to get some of them to the next level. Such an example is today’s song: Industrial Rhythm [V-weld Edit]!

It is a remake of Industrial Rhythm, which is a remix of Weldar/Grunty Industries from Banjo-Tooie. I like the original song already very much, so I didn’t change too much aside from the techno-heavy parts. I kinda wanted them to stick out more and…well, I might have got a bit overboard with that idea in the end! But listen for yourself:

Industrial Rhythm [V-weld Edit] (410 downloads)


And here we have the related video:


Since I scrapped the idea of making another song after the X-Mas mix (that’s just not enough time and makes things unnecessarily stressful, since I also need to prepare the Best of album and upgrade the songs for it a bit!), the next song is gonna be the last ‘normal’ remix of the year. No pressure or anything, but I’d like it to be really good. It’s scheduled for release a week before Christmas and I already have some ideas. I think it should be a bit like last year’s Sonic Boom, but I don’t wanna get everyone’s hopes up like that…

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