Monado Legend

Back again with yet another mix. Getting really versatile with the franchises here, no?

This time around we have something pretty basic. Monado Legend is a remix of the “VS unique monster” theme from Xenoblade Chronicles better known as You Will Know Our Names. Nothing more, nothing less. Now give it some oomph!

I’ve been trying a bit of stuff here to be able to improve the overall quality of my mixes, but I don’t think I really nailed it just yet…one could say: I’m not really feeling it… Although I think I will be able to improve this song a bit more for this year’s Best of album.

As usual you’ll find the video and download below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Monado Legend (1466 downloads)


And here’s the video:

Well, that’s all folks. I have quite a few options for next time. It’s gonna be from a franchise we haven’t had this year yet. Although…that doesn’t mean too much, huh? Oh well, that’s all of the hints you get this time around~

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One thought on “Monado Legend”

  1. this song popped up in my random youTube stream – never played xenoblade but this song got me, wich means you did a good job

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