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After a comment I got on my last video, I decided to meditate and think again about what this year’s project should be. I came to the conclusion that Clad in Shadow has been abandoned for far too long and needs to come back. So this marks the birth of Clad in Shadow Vol.2! Oh wait, does that sound familiar? Yeah, the first entry of Vol. 2 already exists….well, let’s call it a rebirth then, shall we!

In this project, tunes get a ‘Shadow‘ version by mixing them with a Persona Battle Theme. They will usually have a darker feeling to them as well. Exceptions prove the rule though.

Well, at least that’s how it used to be. However, I have expanded the idea to allow myself to include not only Persona Battle Themes, but any battle tune from the Shin Megami Tensei series – as long as it works for its intended purpose, of course! That should be enough variation to keep things interesting and work for a variety of character themes.

So the second entry of Vol.2 is Shadow Ridley, the shadow version of, well, Ridley’s Theme from the Metroid series. It comes with Fierce Battle from SMT: Nocturne and the Boss Battle theme of Shin Megami Tensei II. Since his tune is already kinda “dark”, I decided to go into a different direction and aim for more of a Shadow Meta Ridley as you can see in the video.

Clad in Shadow - Shadow Ridley (146 downloads)

Here’s the video:

The next song should be ready in two weeks, that should still leave me enough room afterwards to easily make this year’s Halloween Mix as well.

The Change of Dawn

Although not THAT much worked was put in it, it still took me a while to finally make the Fire Emblem remix I promised. I just kept pushing it back, but at long last I can share the latest mix with you, titled The Change of Dawn!

Now while I say it’s a Fire Emblem remix, that’s only a partial truth. The main source for this remix is The Edge of Dawn from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but a certain Phantom Thief chips in at some point as well, with Life Will Change from Persona 5.

With that combination, I can check two of the songs I wanted to cover from my list at once. Nice! Anyway, let’s check it out already:

The Change of Dawn (392 downloads)

The video of course has upside-down Claude, that was a must have. Also a little reference to the fact that the voice actor for Sothis (Three Houses) is also the voice actor for Morgana (Persona 5):

Took me a while, but I managed to clear all routes in FE: Three Houses in the meantime. Phew! Now waiting for the next wave of DLC~

I did a lot of thinking, and next up will be this year’s special project. It will probs take the rest of the year, because the Halloween mix will also be released next month and the year is already nearing its end.

I had something special planned, but I want to wait until next year for that, so it will be something more familiar for now. Although I’ve yet to decide, I’d say it’s gonna be either another VG Arch Rivals or Sounds Alike.

A Formidable Foe Emerges

Well, hello there! The Fire Emblem mix I was talking about last week is coming together slowly, certainly needs some more time. But I can’t just leave you hanging there for so long, so I got something for you today.

The title might sound familiar to those who checked out the OST page before. And that’s not a coincidence: A Formidable Foe Emerges is the full version of the song with the same title on the OST page. I basically turned it into a full song, with some new parts and an ending.

The song itself is an original one, although it was inspired by A Powerful Enemy Emerges from Super Paper Mario (hence the similar title). As you can grasp from the OST page, it was originally created for an animated series starring Luigi, so that might explain things.

A Formidable Foe Emerges (169 downloads)

For the video, I decided to change things up a bit and add my mascot characters Joe and Melody. The artwork was done by my friend FictionalCanvas. I think this is actually the first time Melody appeared anywhere officially – about time I’d say!

I keep bugging him to make some more drawings of Melody for me, but he’s not cooperating~

I’d love seeing some fan art of her as well, but I guess I should show off a full picture of Melody for reference first, huh? Ah well, all in due time – I guess I shouldn’t get too excited just now~

I’ll keep working on the Fire Emblem mix I announced until the next time. I have several ideas for that, but they’re kinda clashing at the moment and everything’s weird, so I have to sort that out first. Wish me luck~

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