Site update

As you might notice, by the time of this post the site has gotten quite an update. Most importantly, the “Music” section has been renamed to “Remixes”, because other sections (like “OST” and “Album Projects”) have music as well. Section names shouldn’t be misleading~

There’s still some sections missing, most prominently the Touhou remixes and Mixed Franchise/Crossover section, also the missing pictures have for now been replaced by…a question mark! (I’m so creative!) There are now icons for the pages and categories as well, although there are some question marks too…VanishingSVST is a busy guy, so don’t rush him!

Speaking of pictures, two new ones have been added:

Those barrels…are dangerous!
Get in the Christmas mood…in spring!

Finally, I also added new sections, yay! You got:

Pretty much, thanks for reading. I hope I can make everything clear so I can release the album Master of the Elements on Sunday. Stay tuned and enjoy your stay!

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