Time to Battle

So, ugh, where to start? Ah, yes: here’s a new song for y’all, Time to Battle, an RPG Battle Medley!

This song has quite the story. It started off years ago with the idea to make a remix of the Battle Theme from Fire Emblem Gaiden. Now look what monstrosity that idea has turned into:

  • Fighting of the SpiritTales of Symphonia
  • Kanto Gym LeaderPokémon R/B/Y
  • Johto Gym LeaderPokémon G/S/C
  • Heroic BattleShin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2
  • Strike!Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
  • Battle 1 (Player)Fire Emblem Gaiden
  • The Decisive BattleFinal Fantasy VI
  • Boss BattleGolden Sun: Dark Dawn
  • BattleKeroro RPG
  • BattleQuest 64
  • The End of the Raging WavesEtrian Odyssey III
  • Battle 2Final Fantasy IV
  • ElegyHyperdimension Neptunia V
  • You Will Know Our NamesXenoblade Chronicles

Now THAT’s what I call a medley. I included tons of Regular and Boss Battle themes as you can see. As usual it’s a mix of songs that I like, songs that need to be there and songs that work. If at least one of the tunes makes you feel nostalgic, I succeeded.

Not all transitions are perfect, but that was to be expected from such a broad mix (mostly speed issues…). Some of them work pretty well though, like the transition into the Pokémon tunes and into the FFVI Boss Theme.

Obviously there are series that didn’t make the cut, so it’s time for honorable mentions: I really tried, but there’s no Undertale and no Mother. Guess one can’t have everything…

The tunes that stand out the most to me are the Fire Emblem Gaiden Attack Theme and Hyperdimension Neptunia V‘s Regular Battle Theme Elegy, which turned out incredibly good in my opinion. Now that tune is stuck in my ear though…

But enough rambling, let’s get listening. As usual you’ll find the video and download below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Time to Battle (3060 downloads)


The video is flooded with characters…go watch it:


Achievement unlocked: Make a remix of at least one song from every Hyperdimension Neptunia main game. Can I have some praise, please?

So that’s a big weight off my shoulders, like I said that song has been there for years waiting to finally get done. Which of the tunes stood out the most to you? I’m curious. Be so kind and leave a comment on the video. (You can also praise me if you want~)

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