Ness vs Porky

It’s time for the fourth entry of VG Arch Rivals Vol. 3!

And we’re giving the Mother series some well-deserved and long overdue love with Ness vs Porky/Pokey. The mix includes Piggy Guys (Mother 3), Pokey Means Business (EarthBound) and Natural Killer Cyborg (Mother 3) to represent Porky’s side, on the other hand we have Eight Melodies (EarthBound) and Pollyanna (Mother).

There’s a lot of great animations with amazing tunes about the Mother series, especially EarthBound, with tons of love put into it. For example, check out Porky, Pokey and Tears and POLLYANNA: An Animated Earthbound Tribute. Compared to these gems, this is just a little medley. Not even trying to compete here.

Still, this is actually my first remix featuring only songs from the Mother series (we had Electrocuted a good while ago, which was a Natural Killer Cyborg remix mixed with some surprisingly fitting Wily Stage music)*. I remember about 6-7 years ago, I tried to remix Pokey Means Business, but kinda failed. And now, we get this. I’d say it’s at least quite the medley, featuring so many notable songs, no? I gotta say: I’m satisfied. So let’s get down to business:

*…thanks to forger343 for reminding me…I actually kinda forgot about that song XD

Ness vs Porky (284 downloads)


There really isn’t much to see in the video. But I share it anyway:


And that’s that. What was next…um…lemme check my notes…I think it was something coo-OH, that’s gonna be quite something. I wonder if I’ll be able to do it justice, though, I never really made a Corn- ah, now I almost spoiled it ;3

Kaguya vs Mokou

Let’s get it on with the third entry of VG Arch Rivals Vol. 3!

And the series finally gets some Touhou goodness with Kaguya vs Mokou. Obviously the themes featured are Kaguya’s Theme Lunatic Princess and Mokou’s Theme Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke (both from Touhou 8: Imperishable Night).

And that’s just it, the two immortals fighting it out. I wonder why? Is this even canon? I don’t know, but their themes are really cool. I almost forgot how much fun one can have with pianos!

As usual you’ll find the video and download below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Kaguya vs Mokou (351 downloads)


There might not be that much in the video this time, but…you just gotta see that cute Kaguya:


I’m sure you’re wondering what’s next, right? Well, it’s gonna be from a series I haven’t made a single remix of yet. And it’s actually a well-known series since Smash and such…