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Mind of a Demoness

Finally a new song! With well-known source material though…

Mind of a Demoness is a (not so) demonic mix featuring songs from the SMT universe and Stone Tower Temple from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. They just go so well together~

From the SMT side we have the Battle Theme from Persona 2: Eternal Punishment and Divine Identity (aka Brahman) from Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2. I already mixed the latter with Stone Tower Temple before in a more epic, more active song (Divine Rhythm), so it’s no surprise they go well together. This time the Battle Theme takes the role of protagonist in the song though and the feel is largely different.

Mind of a Demoness (111 downloads)

Putting the new video template to good use, I added the source material in the intro this time:

I was actually trying to make a theme song for a female demon character using tunes I was familiar with, and this was the result. The feel of the song is close to what I had planned initially, but after reflection, might not fit the character I had in mind all that well, so might have to try that again. But as a song it stands as its own now~

Samurai Robot (Cartoon Intro Version)

Not a new song this time, just an unusual different version. Because it fits so well, I made a shorter version of Samurai Robot 2021 in the length of a typical 80s/90s Cartoon Intro. I’m not giving up hope that someone eventually makes a nice animation using this song!

Samurai Robot (Cartoon Intro) (101 downloads)

Since this song is also much shorter than usual, I used this opportunity to adjust my new video template, trying out some things you suggested in the comments of the last video. Sadly most things didn’t exactly work out – either I couldn’t pull it off or the result wasn’t really satisfying. I think I managed to make some small improvements which make it feel a little more alive though, but maybe you better see for yourself:

Even that short video takes forever to upload now, the file sizes of videos using this new template are quite insane. But the quality is definitely better, so it’s probably worth it!

Samurai Robot

I’m back with another remake, but the big news is something else this time, so let’s cut to the chase:

Samurai Robot is the 2021 remake of the original Samurai Robot (2011) with upgraded sound, drums, instruments, etc. It still features Yamato Man Stage from Mega Man 6 and The Steel Samurai from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. I lost some sounds when opening the old project, like the original robot voice saying “Samurai Robot”, so I had to replace those. The robot voice specifically I replaced by my own voice. Let’s hear it:

Samurai Robot 2021 (104 downloads)

Now the bigger news is the video. I’ve been messing around with Adobe After Effects to create something that’s hopefully more interesting to watch and makes the song shine a bit more. It’s more work and takes considerably longer to render and upload, but I think it’s worth it.

The story behind that is actually rather amusing. Someone notified me that there’s a channel which uploaded one of my songs. Now I don’t really care much about that, although does bother me a bit if those people claim that they made the song. Still, especially with very small channels, it’s rarely worth the hassle, so I decided to not bother complaining about it.

But here’s the thing: I checked the video out and…it was so flashy, with sound waves and everything moving to the beat, that it made me think: Wouldn’t it be cool if my videos also looked like that? So I’ve been messing around – and although I couldn’t get exactly the same effects going, I feel it’s quite an upgrade. I would have liked to add even more, but what I did is already pushing my PC to its limit, so that’ll have to do for now – maybe I’ll try adding some more FX to future videos, but we gotta start somewhere, right? 😉

While I was at it, I also included an intro for the video, although it’s purely visual and doesn’t delay the song or anything. It’s actually mostly a template I got from – pretty amazing stuff.

OK that’s quite enough blabbering, let’s see what I got:

So how’s that? I hope you like it – I do intend to make this the basic template for future uploads. Not sure how I’ll handle medleys in the future, as showing which theme is currently playing is rather important to me, but playing around with Text feels a bit jarring in After Effects, so I don’t know how that will work yet.

Either way, since the whole song sounds about like some 80s/90s cartoon intro, I do want to upload a shorter “Cartoon Intro” version specifically. I still gotta adjust it a bit, but that should be the next upload. I feel it’s worth its own video, no? Would be funny to have its own animation for that, much like a good old cartoon intro. Anyone with the skill to do so is free to make their own video about it – just be sure to let me know, I totally wanna see that 😉