Night in the Factory

It’s Halloween, so it’s time for the third and final Halloween Mix of 2022! Instead of creatures like in the “Night of the…” Halloween Mixes of the previous years, we move on to spooky locations. We’re starting off with an abandoned factory! I present: Night in the Factory!

As you can probably guess, the song features a bunch of factory themes, namely Fear Factory (Donkey Kong Country), Abandoned Factory (Persona 2: Innocent Sin), Kalos Power Plant (Pokémon X/Y), Frantic Factory (Donkey Kong 64) and Factory Inspection (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards).

Are you ready to investigate the abandoned factory together? Then let’s hear it, and found out, how “abandoned” it really is:

Night in the Factory (32782 downloads )

And here’s the video, with Fear Factory background and Klang and Ippon Datara vibing together:

Spooky beats right? Well, maybe not so spooky, but the beats were alright, right? And that concludes this year’s spookiest month!

Happy Halloween everybody! I’ll see you next time with…um…I’ll probably figure something out!