Big Sh#t Neo

Well would you look at the date. I suppose it’s time for another April Fools mix. Are you ready? Because it’s time to be a big sh#t, with Big Sh#t Neo!

Before I throw some sh#t at you, I’ll see this time it’s more of a regular mix than in the previous year(s), but I felt BIG SHOT from Deltarune was a worthy theme for an April Fools mix, although I didn’t really go all out with it. Other than BIG SHOT, the song also features Power of “NEO” (Undertale) and U.N. Owen was her? (Touhou 6: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil) for good measure.

So here we go:

Big Sh#t Neo (79 downloads)

And here’s the video:

I hope you liked this one, I certainly had fun making it. No idea what I’m gonna do next, but I do have some ideas in the back of my head already. I’ll hopefully see you again in 2 weeks 😉