Indestructible Courage

Hey everybody, it’s been a while since I take a short break on the Easter holiday, but I’m back with a new Mega Man remix! So today I’d like to present: Indestructible Courage!

It’s a more laid-back mix this time, with the focus on Snake Eyes from Mega Man ZX, but also featuring some Tunnel Rhino from Mega Man X3 to add some oomph in certain parts (especially the ending, oh boy). There’s also a bit of Fire Emblem Gaiden, namely With Mila’s Divine Protection, because I felt it fits the theme of the song.

Let’s take a listen:

Indestructible Courage (210 downloads)

As usual there’s also a video for that:

And that’s the new song, I hope you liked it!

I wonder if it’s time to start this year’s remake project. I feel like expectations will be rather high, so I keep pushing it – but we’ll see 😉