Castle Flow

It’s starting to take much longer until I can finish mixes, especially new ones. It’s rather irritating how I often have to scrap ideas and start anew or something else entirely lately…

In such cases, remakes of older songs are usually a good way to get SOMETHING done, but a lot of times that has also been a difficult task. The same happened with today’s song, Castle Flow. If you know the original from 2010, you must have probably been aboard for a good while now – respect for that!

Needless to say, you can easily hear that it’s from way back. Just getting the sound somewhat right proved rather difficult on its own, but I also wasn’t sure if I should keep going with the rather odd vibe the song has. However, that’s the thing I liked about it to begin with. Either way, you’ll be the judge:

Castle Flow (250 downloads)

And here’s the video to go along with it:

I’m working on a few different other songs in the meantime, which is one of the reasons that I can’t seem to get much done lately – but I honestly might also be playing too many games…

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