Rat Trap

Rat Trap has been released on YouTube for a while now, but due to unexpected circumstances it took a while to get this post on here. Basically the website was acting up after an update so I wasn’t able to login anymore (I believe this affected others as well?). But I was able to revert to a previous state and it seems to be working just fine again – at least for now, let’s not jinx it~

Back on topic though, Rat Trap is a remix of the Squeak Boss theme from Kirby: Squeak Squad with a little bit of Kirby 64‘s Boss Theme sprinkled on top of it. Let’s have a listen:

Rat Trap (274 downloads)

And here’s the video (which has already been on YouTube for over a week now, waiting for me to add the download information):

At last we’re back in business, I’d say! There’s a bunch of stuff I have prepared that’s like halfway finished, but…the finishing touches usually take forever, so I don’t want to promise too much~

Oh, and the reverting of the website may have caused some login information to get lost. If you are affected by that, you should be able to register again with the same username and e-mail that you used to register before. I honestly didn’t try it though, so if you are facing any problems, don’t hesitate to use the Contact form – we’ll figure something out!

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