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Supernatural Ruler – Album Release

As promised, Supernatural Ruler, the official album for Disciple Month 3, has been released today:

All of the songs have been re-rendered in max quality, because you only deserve the best. They also have been slightly altered, in the case of Supernatural Ruler the changes have been pretty major though, including an altered and added Splash part (which replaces the second Will Be Venus), an altered Megalovania and an improved ending. I believe it’s much better this way and hope it encourages you even more to download the album!

As for the download itself, the download should be free (unless you WANT to pay for it), BUT there’s only a limited amount of free downloads that bandcamp grants me (about 200 per month), so don’t be surprised if it says 1€ all of a sudden…you’d need to wait about a month until it will be free again. I’m sure this will happen in the next few days, you best hurry!

For reference, here’s the release video:

With that done, Disciple Month 3 has officially ended. Another Disciple Month is NOT planned. I know you have a ton of suggestions, but I just feel this is going nowhere. Because with every upload there will be people complaining about why this and that was not included although it would fit thematically. It doesn’t really leave me much freedom and everything feels forced, although Disciple Month was initially something great. I don’t want to spoil that further. That’s what I wanted to get off my soul, thanks for reading this.

I don’t even have to tell you what’s next. It’s Halloween, and this time the theme is ghosts! Prepare for Night of the Poltergeist on October, 31st!

Supernatural Ruler

Ready for the finale? Here is the last entry of Disciple Month 3, Supernatural Ruler!

I promised an epic RPG theme, but I’m sure you didn’t expect anything from THAT game. Although we already had quite a few surprises during Disciple Month 3…

But anyway, have some Will Be Venus (Hyperdimension Neptunia V II) and Splash (Hyperdimension Neptunia: Re;Birth 1). The rest of the song is basically a Disciple Month 3 medley, including parts of the other 4 songs.


If you’re looking for a download link, I’ll have to disappoint you. The album release is scheduled for next week though, so be patient!

Finally, here’s the related video, don’t forget you can donate if you feel like it:


And that’s that. I’ll go right ahead finishing everything up for the album release, which includes fixing/improving some of the songs, rendering in best quality, etc. You know, the usual. If everything goes as planned, it should be done by the end of next week.

Disciple of Life and Death

The fourth entry of Disciple Month 3 is nothing less than Life and Death!

As expected, we have a lot of epic tunes in this one. One could argue that there are barely any tunes related to Life, but…if there is no life, there is no Death either. I first thought about splitting them up, but they’re tied so closely together, it would be very hard to choose tunes for one and not the other. This way I also had a lot of cool songs to choose from:

Aside from the series-typical Fighting of the Spirit (Tales of Phantasia), you get The Battle for Everyone’s Souls (Persona 3), Poison Mind (Castlevania), Megalovania (Undertale), Necrodeus’ Theme (Kirby Mass Attack), Border of Life (Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom) and The Guardian/Intro Theme (Darksiders II).

Since I failed last time with the focus on mixing and mastering, I got my mind off of that and could focus on the song itself again. Finally I can say: we have another worthy Disciple Month representative.

Disciple of Life and Death (1274 downloads)


And here’s the related video, don’t forget you can donate if you feel like it:


The finale is up ahead. Once again, the song will feature an epic RPG tune alongside parts from the other entries of Disciple Month 3. The name has been decided as well: Supernatural Ruler.