VGAR3 Bonus 1 – Porky’s Solo

As it is tradition with VG Arch Rivals albums, there is a bonus track that can only be found on the album itself (and not downloaded in any other way).

As the title suggests, the third installment will have multiple bonus tracks…although not quite. There will be instrumental versions for those people who strictly don’t want anyone to talk during their musics because they think it’s annoying and/or distracting. This really only affects about 3 sound effects in two songs, so not that much of a deal.

A much bigger deal is Porky’s Solo. It’s an altered version of Ness vs Porky that only features Porky’s tunes. So it starts off the same way, but where you expect Eight Melodies to play, it skips right to Piggy Guys and extends that part a bit before it returns to Natural Killer Cyborg. Thus it retains the darker Porky feel throughout the whole song.

I also added some drums so the whole thing sounds more GROOOOOOVY (get it~). The additional ‘groove’ affects Ness vs Porky as well, which you’ll find on the album when it’s finished. Planned release for VG Arch Rivals Vol. 3 is October, 23rd. Better mark that date in your calendar~

So let’s hear it (as noted above, no download, sorry~):


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here’s the video, it also features the album art for the upcoming release:


So, are the other bonus tracks gonna be the instrumental versions? No~

Next up is the true bonus song of VG Arch Rivals Vol. 3. It’s something that some of you have been asking for…but it’s probably not what you meant~

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