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Giving some spotlight to the original soundtracks I made for animations, games, videos, etc.

Crystallized Power

A little early because I couldn’t wait, but here’s the final of the lost “Bravery Saga” songs, the Boss Theme, which is basically an epic remix of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles‘ intro theme, Kaze No Ne (Sound of the Wind).

Kaze No Ne was the leitmotif for the series’ soundtrack, included in the songs I shared previously. The series’ intro song is an arrangement of that song as well (although I wasn’t too fond of that song). So, in the process of thinking of a boss tune, I took it upon myself to turn that originally rather peaceful tune into a boss theme. Quite the transformation, I’d say! But you know I love battle themes~

Crystallized Power (570 downloads)


The video wants to be watched as well, I fixed the animated bars a bit by putting them behind the logo, making them a little fatter and adjusting the color to better match the logo outlines. Should look a bit better now:


And that concludes this idea. Next Sunday I’ll upload the random medley I originally had in mind for the next upload.

Vile Revenge

Number 2 of the lost “Bravery Saga” songs is the Special Boss Theme, which is based on Vile’s Theme from Mega Man X8. Again it contains a bit of Kaze No Ne from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Also, the Intro is basically the Kanto Champion Battle Theme intro from the Pok√©mon games.

The original loop was rather short so I had to add quite a lot to it. What might stand out the most is that I added Vile’s Theme from Mega Man X3 into the mix as well.

Also, remember X vs Zero from this year’s Arch Rival Month? Part of the song was included there for Vile’s appearance as well.

Vile Revenge (544 downloads)


Don’t forget to watch the video too:


And that’s that. Next up is the actual Boss theme, I hope I’ll be done with that by Sunday.

Battle of the Brave

This wasn’t originally planned, but I kinda had this idea a few days ago. Since the animated series “Bravery Saga” got cancelled a while ago, I’ll turn the songs I made for this series into actual songs. There’s 3 songs affected, the Battle Theme, the Boss Battle Theme and the Special Boss Theme. For this series I included Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesKaze No Ne as some sort of leitmotif, this means that part of Kaze No Ne will appear in all of them to some extent.

We’ll start with the regular Battle Theme, which is based on Keroro RPG‘s regular battle themes. As a hint to the cancelled series the song was made for, I called the song Battle of the Brave.

Now don’t think that I just took the song and uploaded it. The original was a minute long loop. The difficulty was to turn that into an actual song. I added some new parts and tried to keep it fresh throughout the song. Of course a song also needs an ending, which is quite an important thing as well. So you see, there is quite some effort in that!

Battle of the Brave (461 downloads)


And here’s the video:


I just finished the Special Boss Battle Theme as well – a Mega Man X8 Vile Remix – which I’ll upload on Thursday (because that’s a holiday in my country). The Boss Theme, which is an epic Kaze No Ne remix, should be ready next Sunday.