X vs Zero

The second entry of VG Arch Rivals Vol. 3 is here, get ready for some Mega Man action!

X vs Zero is one of the more synth-rocky entries of this ‘month’. I admit that’s not really my forte, but if I changed the original tunes to my usual style they would have lost their charm (and energy). Also switching it up a little helps keeping things fresh…right?

It’s pretty convenient that there exists a fitting theme for their match-up already, and what do you know, it’s called X vs Zero (Mega Man X5). I tried to make this the heart of this song, knowing that I already failed countless times in the past trying to remix this tune. The other themes tell a little story:

After their battle began, the major villain of the X series makes an appearance in the form of Sigma, musically represented by Zero Virus Stage 2 (Mega Man X5). This is one of the stage tunes that lead to the battle between X and Zero. What comes after that is a little flash back: Vile appears (represented by Vile’s Theme from Mega Man X8, ’cause that one rocks), the guy who showed X his place in Mega Man X’s intro stage. Who saved him back then? That’s right, Zero. So Vile is defeated and the fanfare plays the intro of Zero’s Theme (Mega Man X3, PlayStation version), before they can finally go back to see who the stronger fighter is.

This entry is also kind of a continuation of Mega Man vs Dr. Wily which we had in the last installment, since Zero was created by Dr. Wily and X is…well, Mega Man, basically. Although I have to admit, their relationship is QUITE different.

So yeah, cool story bro and such, but now we’ll see if this is really as cool as it sounds. Now don’t get your hopes up too high, ’cause it’s probably not. But I still hope you can enjoy it by keeping in mind the little story behind it.

As usual you’ll find the video and download below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

X vs Zero (601 downloads)


The video kind of visualizes what I was talking about, so you might want to check that out as well:


Next up we finally have the first Touhou rivalry. Truly an immortal rivalry. (get the hint?)

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