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Usually showcasing and/or announcing what I’m doing at the moment.

OST Focus – The Brave Ones

Well, since lots of hardware and OS upgrades (Windows 10) kept me from working on Ultimate Elemental Being I’ll have to delay that a bit and I can finally share some of the tunes I made for another animated series. I’ll still give you a lil’ preview of Ultimate Elemental Being though, just keep reading, okay~

The Brave Ones is the Main/Opening Theme of an animated series called Bravery Saga. You can find the details and videos of the episodes released so far on the OST page, so I don’t want to dive into it to much.

The tune is basically a short arrangement of Kaze No Ne, the glorious Opening Theme of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. However, since slow stuff isn’t really my forte, you shouldn’t expect too much, but I hope it fits regardless. I do like the synth part though, which is also referenced in the Battle Themes, which I’ll share another time. They are going to be pretty awesome (if I may say so myself)~

Bravery Saga Main/Opening Theme – The Brave Ones

And here’s the related video, featuring the official opening of the series:

As usual, no download for OSTs for the sake of exclusivity. Instead as promised, here’s what I have for Ultimate Elemental Being so far:

Ultimate Elemental Being – preview

I can’t say when I’ll post the Battle Themes, the only thing that’s for certain is that Ultimate Elemental Being is due next Sunday. I might wait until the respective episode has been released. Until then, you can already listen to the Battle Themes on the OST page.

OST Focus – Nonexistence Battle 2

Today on OST focus we have a look at Nonexistence Battle 2, another tune from Super Mario: Vanishing Existence, the animated series created by VanishingSVST. Much like a regular Final Fantasy boss theme, the main battle theme versus Nonexistence has the number 2.

The song’s first appearance was in the second episode of Super Mario: Vanishing Existence, and what an episode it was! It featured the great battle of Gensokyo vs Nonexistence, who had regained a good amount of his power, but was still vulnerable to the girls’ combined forces. As usual the video features some nice artwork, as well as the decisive scene in this battle.

Nonexistence Battle 2 is not as old as the first one, which you should instantly notice. It’s faster, more serious and more powerful. It even has an ending! If you like it, there’s quite a bit more like that on the OST page!

Next time on OST focus: Shadow Dial, the theme of Shadow Sakuya! After that we might switch to another series, to keep everything fresh. Until next Sunday I want to finish the Castlevania/Touhou crossover mix, but I’m uncertain if I can. The problem is, I’m writing my master thesis and have to hurry up with finishing it, so that’s my top priority at the moment. I’m REALLY sorry if I can’t finish this song in-time!

Touhoid Prime

Not quite what I announced last week, but…here’s a little something I felt like doing. Maybe some of you remember my crossover song Super Touhoid – Lower Gensokyo? If not, here it is:

So, basically, I wanted to give it a little upgrade. There are still some parts that I might change until the final release, but this should give you a very good idea how Touhoid Prime – Former Hell of Blazing Fires sounds. It doesn’t sound as menacing as Lower Gensokyo, especially the Nuclear Fusion parts sound more like “welcome home”. Naturally, since the former hell of blazing fires IS pretty much Okuu’s place anyway. But it has changed…


This song wasn’t planned for now, after all both songs (Lower Norfair and Nuclear Fusion) were featured in last week’s upload for the fire element. What I actually had in mind since then was actually quite different. I wanted to make a remix of Torri’s theme (Monochromatic Color) from the RPG Conception II. The song has a nice beat to it, but it can’t really be compared to other songs I usually do. Why do I want to make a remix then? Let’s say personal reasons, k? Gotta make it…more interesting~

As of now, I’m not done sequencing the song, but close. Since there isn’t much, I’ll have to arrange it quite a bit and maybe throw in some other stuff as usual. I’ll likely increase the tempo, 124bpm is a bit slow for my standards (the Touhoid Prime song above has 190bpm…). I’m curious how this will turn out in the end! While the game just sounds wrong most of the time (it’s intentionally very suggestive), it has an amazing soundtrack, especially some great battle themes, maybe I’ll give them a shot one day too!