Clad In Shadow – Shadow Dial

It’s time for the third song of Clad in Shadow!

In this project, tunes get a ‘Shadow‘ version by mixing them with a Persona Battle Theme. They will usually have a darker feeling to them as well. Exceptions prove the rule though.

Now we go back with another Touhou song and ‘shadowize’ Sakuya’s Theme Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial from The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Again you might recall Shadow Dial which I originally made for the Super Mario: Vanishing Existence series, but…this sounds nothing like it. So this is the freshest Shadow song so far if you want to put it that way. Shadow Dial actually features the battle themes of BOTH Persona 2 games (Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment). The other songs so far only featured the Innocent Sin battle tune.

As usual you’ll find the video and download below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Clad in Shadow - Shadow Dial (936 downloads)


And here’s the video, the red glowing eyes in the beginning are a thing now:


And that’s that! This was actually not on the schedule…so who knows what happens next~

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