Dangerous Heroics

I can’t get anything done during this freaking heat wave – I’m mostly busy trying to keep my room as cool as possible, ugh. But I don’t want to leave you hanging for so long – so I found this cool tune I made back in 2014, but never officially published, which I do now using the new name Dangerous Heroics.

The reason it was never officially published was that it was made for VanishingSVST‘s (now TamagoSoup) animated Pokémon series. The series has been pretty much abandoned in favor of other projects, so this cool tune was just lying around (among others) waiting for some recognition.

So far so good, but: turns out the project file disappeared! ;__;

I don’t want to say I lost it, but it’s not in the folder where it should be – where all the other project files for that series are. And I couldn’t find it anywhere else either…it’s a shame, really. For that reason I couldn’t remove the Pokéball sound effect and the Reshiram cry at the start, so we’ll just take this as part of the song (which it was originally anyway):

Dangerous Heroics (52 downloads)

For the same reason I couldn’t make a beat-animated video either…on the bright side, at least the upload didn’t take half a day this time 😉

I really hope this heat wave ends soon, this heat is killing me… x__x

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