Strongest Potions

I’m back with a new song, this time we go for a little alchemy – can you handle my Strongest Potions?

The focus of this mix is on Plague Knight’s Stage theme Explodatorium (from Shovel Knight), but it also features a bunch of other songs, namely:

  • Hoodoo SorcererRayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc
  • Magician Type 0The House of the Dead
  • Galaxy ManMega Man 9
  • Gothic NeclordSuikoden 2

The mix is just a Fighting of the Spirit short of being called Disciple of Alchemy or something, guess I got a little carried away to end up with such a weird composition in the end. Oh well, definitely not the first time that happened.

Strongest Potions (91 downloads)

The video is very green this time, I guess I fit right in:

So yeah – can’t say I don’t make anything new anymore now, can you! As usual, I’ll try to have another song ready in 2 weeks – hope to see you then ; )

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