DDD Destiny 2021

The king returns, mask in hand – and he’s stronger than ever. I present you another fine remake today: DDD Destiny 2021.

Originally from 2011, I upgraded the sound, added a better ending and made some other changes, while still staying true to the original. I think it’s a great improvement that does the song justice.

I feel like the original mix of Masked Dedede and King Dedede’s Theme (both from the Kirby series) was pretty creative, so it’s a shame it was lying around in that state for years. I just recently rediscovered it through a comment, about time for the song’s 10-year anniversary. Here we go:

DDD Destiny 2021 (135 downloads)

Let’s not forget the video:

And that’s another remake down, but I still have like, 3 more in the works. I wonder if I can show you something else next time though…only time will tell ; )

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