High Quality

Happy April Fools intermission!

This year, I present to you a SiIvaGunner tribute: High Quality! In case you’re not familiar, that channel uploads only high quality video game rips – but only insiders truly know what that means >:]

High Quality is a remix of Bad Boss Boogie from Donkey Kong Land featuring many of the recurring memes in SiIvaGunner‘s videos, like Grand Dad 7, Snow Halation, Coconut Gun and The Nutshack.

High Quality (365 downloads)


For details when which meme is used I suggest checking out the video:


If the song name causes some confusion, then it did its job properly.

Despite this intermission, I should have the next entry of VG Arch Rivals Vol. 4 ready by next Sunday – if all goes according to plan!

Happy April Fools and stay nice >:]

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