Important information regarding logins

Something different this time, I’ve got some important info to share. There have been several attempts to log into admin accounts lately, so I enabled two-factor authentication (2FA) for admin accounts*.

*…I previously stated that all users would have access to this feature, but that was a misunderstanding, as the version of the plug-in I’m using only supports up to 3 admin users. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

For some reason this website has tons of users, although I personally don’t really know the benefit – listening to and downloading the songs should be available to anyone, so you don’t have to register at all.

But because of these attacks, I’m really worried about the registered users – so I would like to give some advice regarding passwords in this place:

  • Please make sure to not re-use the same password on several websites – if you do, and your password gets leaked on any of the websites you use it on, all other websites with same username/password combination will be in danger too!
  • Use a password manager so you don’t have to remember all of your passwords. They usually come with a built-in password generator for new passwords. As far as I know Mozilla Firefox also recently introduced a kind of password manager feature for the browser that you could use. Personally, I can recommend KeePass, but there are a lot of good password managers out there.

Password complexity helps a bit, but if a website gets hijacked and all user/password information is leaked, it is irrelevant how good/complex your password is, so please keep that in mind.

Finally, if you’re having trouble, don’t forget you can contact me via contact form and let me know about the problem. Thank you for your time and stay safe!