Metal Bladeyard Level 4

I know my schedule is all messed up lately, but it’s a pretty busy time – probably for you too~

So today I present a song that I wanted to make for a while. Long-time fans might remember a remix of Metalman’s Stage (Mega Man 2) I made in 2011, called Metal Bladeyard Level 3. As the name might suggest, this was already the 3rd version of that song. And as much as I liked the song, it sounds really outdated to me. So I tried to take the song to the next level. The result: Metal Bladeyard Level 4!

So here’s what I did: I changed the mixing and mastering completely, adjusted it to the way I handle songs for a while now. I also revisited some of the instruments (although none of the lead instruments). I also meddled with the drums and added some effects – and now it definitely sounds up-to-date.

What I didn’t do is add some fancy new part or anything, it’s still mostly the same. The new sound should speak for itself though. I feel that I succeeded in taking it to the next level, even if it might not be perfect, but to be fair: none of my songs is perfect to begin with~

So let’s take a listen:

Metal Bladeyard Level 4 (368 downloads)


Although there isn’t all that much to see in the video, this post wouldn’t be complete without it:


Now don’t bother looking for the older versions of this song – they are not available on YouTube anymore for a reason~

Time flies and the year is starting to take its final turns. I better start working on this year’s X-Mas Mix and a  worthy finale for this year…

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