Monado Legend 2022

After taking my time to chill a bit after finishing the Best of album for the previous 2 years, I can finally present a new remake – Monado Legend 2022. Although I initially had plans for a different song, I listened to the original mix from 2016 a few weeks ago while driving home from work and felt I could definitely upgrade it a bit.

It sure wasn’t easy, because it was rather loud, the mixing was all over the place. So the goal was to clean it up a bit, but not remove any energy from the song and change some of the instruments. I actually ended up changing a lot of the instruments and added a few new parts, but I also went nuts with some additional voice lines from Reyn and Shulk. Because I know that might put some people off, I also offer an alternate version without the voice lines:

Monado Legend 2022 (366 downloads)
Monado Legend 2022 [instrumental] (367 downloads)

The video is for the normal version:

So what’s next? Well…Elden Ring comes out next week and you can be sure that I’ll spend a ton of time playing that game. So be prepared for some possible delays in the next few weeks…